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“Mr. Mel reaches beyond the usual hip-hop themes and delivers a high quality performance” (Indie-Magazine 2009)


Born and raised in Chicago Illinois, Mr. Mel has begun to branch out as a true global superstar. Mr. Mel has been honored by Billboard magazine as one of the top 50 independent artist and he is an ASCAP award winning artist. Mr. Mel was honored by Indie Magazine as “Artist of the month” on two occasions and his single “Grindin” is beginning to reach critically acclaimed status with over 1,000 internet radio spins and a national radio promotional campaign. Mr.Mel is a great performer that have generated sell out crowds at places such as Chicago's Legendary Regal Theater, and places such as Camden Alabama. He was verbally acknowledged by Rap Coalitions founder (Wendy Day) as a “very creative and lyrical” artist. Mr. Mel has “ghost” written songs for many of today’s top artist and is currently working as an executive producer for various movie soundtracks. Mr.Mel has also appeared in various Television shows such as the FOX networks #1 show PRISON BREAK and various independent movies such as DIMENSIONS. Mr. Mel is on a ground breaking path to be one of the world’s best artists. According to Indie Magazine, “Mr. Mel reaches beyond the usual hip-hop themes and delivers a high quality performance” (2009). It is important for fans to collect as much music as possible from Mr.Mel as he is destined to be one of the music industries elite players in the near future!


Bars of a Slave (Album, Released May 2009)
Grinding (single, over 1,000 internet radio spins)
Stand Strong (single, ASCAP award winner)

Set List

Sets range from 45-60 minutes.
Typical set list is:
• M.E.L
• Greasy,
• Cold
• Knock Knock,
• U Don't want it,
• First Time,
• Grinding,
• Aint Nothing Changed,
• Stand Strong,
• My Letter,
• Love Me,
• Freshest MC,
• I Wish,
• Explicit Love,
• Lyrical Monopoly,
• I'm Tired,
• F*%k It
• Don’t Let Go