Mr Mention

Mr Mention


My music is a mixture of dancehall, pocomania, and roots music. It is the based on the music every country boy in Jamaica grows up listening to.


I am from Manchester, Jamaica. I am a singer, MC, guitar player, Reggae and Blues lover and artist. My goal is to lively up the world with positive lyrics about love, truth and rights!
I have been bigging up the crowds around the Czech Republic and sharing my positive philosophy of life with all alike. In my concerts, I hope to bring joy, love and positivity to the Czech massive and encourage the youth to seek truth, love, and meaning in their lives.
My music is a tribute to the sound systems in the shops a yard, the gospel music I sang in church and the rhythms that have kept me singing and dancing all my life! I share love; joy, life experiences both good and bad, and my unique expression with all who care to stop and listen!


My first CD is scheduled to be released in mid 2006!

Set List

I sing mostly my original music, although I also do a few well known Reggae tunes giving respect to those talented Jamaicans that made it possible for me to sing our music around the world!
My sets are between 45 minutes to an hour long. I typically do two sets per show.