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MALITOV COCKTAILS……2003 ROYAL PAIN.................2004
GANG GREEN INTL……………….2007
BOSS ON THA LOW..........2008
LAST MAN STANDIN........2009



M R. M I D A S


Rappers have always been rhyming about hustling, living in the ghetto and the perils of street life since the dawn of hip-hop. But what distinguishes Midas, the newest star to rise from the west coast , is his unique approach to tackling these subjects with a wit and charm and not to mention honesty matched only by the greats. Midas neither boastfully brags about his mothers' drug addiction or his fathers' absence, nor does he preach at his listeners while lecturing them to live righteously. Instead, his lyrics are laced with "been there done that" sentiment that implies there is life beyond the block.

" The hardest part of my life was coming of age. I've lived in some of the roughest "hoods" in the world. Crack affected my life as much as anyone else. Both my parents got addicted just like my friends parents and we became a sort of "abandoned nation" because of it. When I was little, no one ever captured what I was going through. I had no one to walk me through it. Because of that, I learned how most of us learned, the hard way. I always said that if I got the opportunity to speak about it, I'd make the most of my opportunity. If you really break down my lyrics, you'd see from conscious, party, story rap, love songs, etc., I'm one of the best."

With a C.E.O.'s mentality, Midas moved from his native Long Beach, CA to Denver, CO And began a "relentless attack of the streets" flooding the area w/ countless mixtapes, Albums,guest appearances, and a "whole heap of shows from California to Oklahoma. Midas still sells product in England, Japan, Australia , and Central America.
Midas raps, " The hustlers embrace him/ and the music that he making/ cause they understand the struggle / and how it weighs in on his patience/ I can still smell the stinch
/ from Mom and Pop "basing"/ hour after hour praying/ please God save em' / to no avail/ so adolescence was hell/ either die on that block/ or either die in a cell".

Midas is truly one of the few poets of our time to capture the hearts of the "crack generation." Considering how Midas came of age, its no wonder why he feels a sense of responsibility to lace his lyrics with a sense of right and wrong and a degree of morality. Unlike most mc's, Midas feels obligated to the term "role model" and understands why its so important to tell the kids that what looks good on the videos isn't as accurate a picture as their favorite rappers portray it.

" They've got a warped view of what's going on in the inner cities of America. They have no idea how smart we are and how much damage we do to ourselves outside of what the media portrays. If I don't tell the kids you aint gotta sell drugs and its ok to love and respect your mother, then who gonna' tell em."

In 2005, Midas was diagnosed with a brain tumor and successfully underwent surgery to remove the tumor later that year.

"After all I've gone through, this just adds to the legacy", says the 25 year old Long Beach native. " I didn't expect it any other way."

Midas also started Gang Green International Ent. When convinced that many of the lost souls he was meeting in the country and all over the world were indeed living the same, if not, parallel lives as the one he came to know. With a inaugural album by Gang Green featuring Petey (3rd Ward, New Orleans, LA) , Gunna a//k/a YG ( 9th Ward, New Orleans, LA), Mass Prod (super producer, Denver, CO), and rapper/ spoken word artist, Rukus (LA to Denver, CO).