Nashville, Tennessee, USA


Im a 22 years old guy, living and working in Downtown Nashville. I like and try my best on writing and creating songs POP, Dance/ Electronic style.

When I have a chance or even between one of my jobs, driving and whatever Im on, Im thinking about Music. 

When Im happy, sad or even angry I try to solve my problems listening Music, if Im awake or sleeping... well, Im in the Music City.

I should be called Mr. Music and Im entering to this contest because Id like, at least, to show what Im doing, Id like an opportunity in the music industry to learn much, much more about Music and also because I dream a lot...




Oh oh oh wo ho wo ho

Oh oh oh wo ho wo ho

I know that you promised, promised me nothing

I knew that it wasn't supposed to be real

It couldn't be for sure, I would never believe

It couldn't be true, it couldn't happen to me


Oh oh oh wo ho wo ho       

Oh oh oh wo ho wo ho 

I love someone who doesn't want me

Who Doesn't want me

Doesn't want me, Doesn't want me

Yeah, you could heal me, you could heal me baby baby

You're still in my body, you didn't leave my body yet

I'd like to be every thought you have

It seemed weird, I knew, I knew I'm not drunk yet



In an imaginary world

Maybe it is, maybe I am lost somewhere

I'll look, I'll find my destiny

I'll find my destiny


©2017 Mr. Vinicius

(615) 674 - 3453

508 Davidson St, Unit 116

Nashville - TN