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Anchorage, Alaska, United States | SELF

Anchorage, Alaska, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Top Floor Entertainment Online/March 2008"

Mr.Moore is the self-proclaimed Intercontinental Mixtape Champion 2007 of the Underground rap scene. The brand new x-clusive Mr.Moore has been aired on the radio & featured in magazines, DvDs, mixtapes, compilations, albums, commercials, & music videos. Over the 4 years since 2004 he has recorded over 15o different tracks independently and distributed on mixtapes. He is the first indie artist based out of Alaska to do mixtape collaborations on as international underground level.

In 2008, Mr.Moore feels like he is just getting started in the industry. Even without an album under his belt he feels confident in his music. He does not want to end up just another rap artist in the rap game. The exceptionally talented Mr.Moore, also known as the Mixtape Champion refers to his music as a "freestyle introduction" to the person he is in everyday life. He covers all genres of music such as R&B, rock , reggaeton, pop, hyphoy, crunk, rap, freestyle & hip-hop with a very explosive energy and style.

The 26 year old Alaska native is ready for worldwide recognition. He is currently a business partner in the magazine industry with owner Sheldon Hawkins based in Tucson, Arizona are definite believers in the next generation of up and coming musicians.

Since 2007, Mr.Moore has opened for Lil Scrappy, Lil Duval, Lil Boosie, Hurricane Chris & Young Dro with exceptional performances & charisma.

Mr.Moore has reached high plateaus in his early career, networking his mixtapes in Africa & London, throughout the international scene. By producing, engineering all of his own music & being heard throughout the world, Mr.Moore has earned recognition as one of the first underground rap pioneers in Alaska With confidence & an excellent support team, he has gained thousands of fans. Mr.Moore is looking forward to longevity in the music business. - Top Floor Online

"Reaction Magazine Urban Hip Hop Source/March 2009/issue 3"

RM:How would you describe your sound?

MM:My sound is unique but I also have lots of musical influences so you never know what type of sound you may hear from my music. So a lot of people who are not familiar with my sound hear my music and think automatically I'm from the west coast or portraying like I am. I love being born in Philadelphia, living up north hustling in Alaska, with a west coast swagger but still appealing to artists & listeners down south.

RM:So tell me about your new album?

MM:Well for this release I felt I really had to make a factual statement goin into 2010 so i decided to call the album "Ambassador of Alaska" as if I was appointed by the President to lead my state to victory. Someone who could deliver on an international scale with a worldwide audience. Just making it known that I am someone headed to the highest level with hard work and extreme hustle, also being an international artist, I thought the word "Ambassador" would fit perfectly with what I am trying to accomplish in my music career.

RM:Who did you collaborate with on the album?

MM:As far as collaborations, I have a few artist from Alaska, New York, California, Jamaica, & London. MY nominated "Best rap song of the year" Krankk dat Mr. remix was an underground international success with exclusive collaborations from DJ Big Slimmaz, Pariz, Zagga, Talapaton,& Fiasco Bars. All hailing from London & Jamaica one of my first major collaborations on the album "Stop snitchin" included west coast boss of the bay J.Diggs alongside with my cousin Mac Gudda, Paradox, & Trigga just to name a few.

RM:How has the rap game changed since you first came out?

MM:The game has changed a lot because when I first got into the game it was all about drugs, being gangsta, explicit lyrics,& who could to the hardest but now its about making quality music that sells,successful radio singles & producing hits.

RM:Where do you see yourself in five years?

MM:In five years I see myself accomplishing a lot of the goals I thought were only possible in my dreams. A true fulfillment of all the hard work and passion that I have put into my musical career. Five years is not a lot of time so I am preparing myself for what the future holds for me. See you at the top...

RM:To the many thousands of kids worldwide who want to be rappers, what advice you give them?

MM:To all the kids who would like to be rappers, I would say stay in school because nothing is promised in this industry. Just as nothing is promised in life, always work hard, stay focused on what you want because everythang is possible. If you follow your dreams nothing can stop you. First and foremost, you need an education whether its a high school diploma or a college degree. You need these tools tools to help you get through real life because society is a difficult place if you are unfamiliar with the ways of the world. If America can elect the first Black President....Sky's the limit - Reaction Magazine

"Rap Dome Magazine 3-page interview/May 2009/issue 3"

-Wusup Moore? Thanks for finding time to answer our questions! So here we go. Tell about yourself to those who don't know you yet.

First I would like to say for the 48 states and 7 continents who are not familiar with Mr.Moore yet I am Alaska's official International artist. I have collaborated on mixtapes from London, Jamaica, Italy, Africa, New York, & other nationwide locations. Also being featured in various magazines such as Street Monstaz iMagazine, Reaction Magazine, Top Floor publications & and brief mentioning in Streetwise magazine. I am the self-proclaimed Intercontinental mixtape champion representing Alaska for the past % years in the music industry on the underground scene but has emerged since 2008 to be one the premiere artists to help the state of Alaska achieve the greatness & recognition it deserves.
(continues as 3 page interview ect.) - Rap Dome Magazine

"Rap Dome Magazine/issue 2"

-Wusup Mr.Moore? It's cool to talk to you again. So what's new?

-Just living my life like T.I. my life your entertainment but on some real business just focusing tremendously on my music for this year. I'm very gracious & excited to get my first cover fo a rap magazine. To me that's real colossal for my career because you have to really be someone meaningful to get your swag fresh on the front cover so life is treating me very well, I can't complain. Matter fact shouts out to my cousin/recording artist Santigold & Ali the Primeminister. Much respect to them & free my fam Mac Gudda. Yesir I had to throw that out there for the ones who don't know how we hustling moving across the country real easy. I'm concentrating this year making my name known in the spotlight for all the people who never heard of me. Well I do live in Alaska so yes it's very hard to get exposure from around the world & putting my music into the right hands. Everyday I"m hustling so I make it look easy but it's truly hard work that comes with maximum success.
(continues as 3 page interview etc.) - Rap Dome Magazine

"Street Monstaz Magazine 2 page interview/Jan-Feb 2010/issue 1"

SSM:Whats's good with you?

MM:Oh man. I am up here grinding trying to get this music game right

SSM:For those who don't know about you, can you give a little history on yourself and what represent

MM:Im from Philadelphia but right now I'm based out of Alaska, doing my traveling thing checking a few places out. Right now I'm up here shaking and moving. I'm doing the mixtape
thing up here in Alaska. they're not really up on it like the should be out here. So I'm putting it down up here cuzzin. Doing alot of shows, a gang of mixtapes, some DvDs, & working with Street Monstaz Magazine, whatever I can get my hands on right now to put us on.
(continues as 2 page interview ect) - Street Monstaz Magazine


*Hustle Hard Mixtape*
Vol. 1 & 2 (2004-2006)

*Da Milion Dolla Mixtape Hustle*
hosted by "DJ Slimmaz"

*DJ Aash Money Presents* "The Wipe Down"

*DJ Mykal Million*
"The Internation Invasion"(Nov2008)-London

*DJ Danz*
"New Order To The World"(Dec.2008)-Italy

*Dope Boyz Invasion 4* hosted by "ESZ & Trump" (Dec.2008)-New York

*Soo Fresh Inc*
"The Movement"
hosted by "DJ Twizt"

*Hood Alert Soundtrack*
(Jan2009)-New York

*Tear The Club Up Vol.2* (Jan2009)-New York

*Block Chronicles*
hosted by "DJ Lexus & DJ Omega Red"
(Jan2009)-New York

*Facebook Famous Vol.2*
hosted by "DJ Silence"
(Jan2009)-New York

*Radio Mayhem Vol.1* hosted by "ESZ & Trump"(Mar2009)-New York

*Radio Mayhem Vol.2* hosted by "Showcase"
(April2009)-New York

*Stadium Status 5*
hosted by "DJ IQ,TM Grimes,DJ Smacc"
(April2009)-New York

*The Rap Dome Magazine*
Presents the Mag Tapes

*Radio Mayhem Vol.3*
hosted by "Mr.Moore"
(June2009)-New York

Rich City Productions Presents
"Goon Toons Mixtape"

*Star Stylez Inc Presents* Star Stylez V.2 Hip Hop & RnB(Feb2010)-New York

*Dope Boys Invasion 11* hosted by Mike Nitty
(Feb2010)-New York

*We're Loud in the Streets*
(Slip N Slide Records)

*Futuristic Valentine*
hosted by DJ IQ & DJ Whiteboi(May2010)-Alaska

*Singles Released*
-Krankk Dat Mr.
-Money Galore
-Hatin on Me
-Who's Flyer
-Go Gurl

*Radio Airplay*



Announcing a luxury to declare one of Alaska's most anticipated premier artists "Mr.Moore". Showcasing countless characteristics of prestige swagger, consecutive hit singles, major performances, and proficient work ethics has brought a fierce audience worldwide to his distinct style of music. Representing Anchorage, Alaska with a flourished West Coast demeanor, East Coast persona, Down South grace, in a Northwestern region circumstance alongside International stature. Nourished in the early 80's, rhythm & music was the motivational spirit that gave the charisma to mesmerize audience of crowds earlier than the age of 7. Studio recording, producing, engineering, arranging & songwriting since 2004 with remarkable commitment & continual years of serious work into developing, creating, formulating, perfecting his unique pleasing melodic sound of Alaska International Music. Perfecting his professionalism each year to mature emerge as one of the industries underground elite & self-proclaimed Alaska's #1 International artist. Since 2007, achieving plenty of constructive underground fortune being aired & viewed on radio stations, advertised in/on magazines, websites, DVD's, mixtapes, compilations, music videos, & every other beneficial aspect possible. Also seen performing on some of the brightest stages opening for some of the industries new, current & well established artists such as Young Dro, Hurricane Chris, Lil Boosie, Lil Scrappy, Shop Boyz & DJ Jelly, Mario, Lil Duval, J.Diggs, Rydah J. Klyde, Coolio-Da Unda Dogg & Sleep Dank. Exceeding all expectations, Mr.Moore has progressed astonishingly transformed into a distinct eye-catching artist being nominated at Alaska's 1st Annual Hip Hop Awards for 4 Music Awards Nov.29th 2008. Including several catergories, "Best Male Rap Artist of the Year", "Artist of the Year", "Best Rap Song of the Year" & "Best Group or Duo". The month of March 2009 also named Mixtape Aritst of Month on & following April illustrated his first interview with Reaction Magazine. May 2009, appeared in Rap Dome magazine for a 3 page interview & the month of June determinately rising for International stature gracing the cover of Rap Dome magazine with an 4-page exclusive interview. Exposed on consecutive mixtapes beside some of the most popular & upcoming artists in the game such names as Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Jay-Z, T.I., Ludacris, Fabolous, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Drake, Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj & numerous favorable artists from throughout the world. Broadcast on continuous mixtapes alongside amazing artists in the game such names as Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Jay-Z, T.I., Ludacris, Fabolous, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Drake, Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj & countless favorable artists from throughout the industry. Certainly respected by the masses & proved to be one of the few extroadinary impressive artists making history for the State of Alaska.