Mr. Mr. JRipp

Mr. Mr. JRipp

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Rap/hip hop music has taken a turn for the worst. There are exceptional artists out there but I think what I'm doing is unique and a cut above the rest. If you agree with Russell Simmons that hip hop is tasteless and shallow then you're going to want this! This is THE TRUTH and I'm Mr. Mr. JRipp.

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The album: THE TRUTH
singles are: Musical Revolution, Break It Up, Personality, Make It Bounce, U Look Like A Fool, The Good Book
song not found on the album is: My Condolences;
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Set List

I can do one song or I'll give you two hours worth.
the bottom line is that I'm going to bring it and I'm going to bring it hard. the audience will get every penny worth. songs average about 4 1/2 minutes.