Mr. Myers

Mr. Myers

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Mr. Myers plays "Caribbean Rock"- a mixture of Reggae, Calypso, Jimmy Buffett/Beach music, and their own originals. In the Band's 25 Year career, they have played thousands of shows ranging from Clubs to Festivals, as well as Corporate and Private Events.


Mr. Myers blends the sounds of calypso and ska, the rhythms of reggae and a touch of rock and
roll with some favorite tunes to create their own special style of music- Caribbean Rock.
Mr. Myers began producing its unique blend of music in 1981 and has since become a favorite
dance band in clubs, at Summer Festivals, on college campuses as well as corporate and private
parties throughout the Midwest.
The magic of Mr. Myers’ trademark sound stems from Bandleader Todd Donnelly’s use of steel drums or steel pans, which Mr Myers was one of the first Midwestern Bands to make use of.
Mr. Myers also pulls its sound from its highly talented and diversely educated members, all having strong backgrounds in Jazz, Classical, Rock and World music.
Featuring wailing sax, searing rock guitar, colorful steel drums, powerful percussion and strong vocals, Mr. Myers succeeds at playing its blend of
Caribbean Rock to enthusiastic mainstream audiences everywhere.


Swim With Me (Narrative)

Written By: Todd Donnelly

V1) Sam The Clownfish was in Dismay/ While swimming around one day/ Seems he needed a place to stay/ He was looking night & day
How can a fish so bright & cheery
end up so sad & dreary? It was all that he could do/ To keep his fins from turning blue
V2) All the sudden he saw a tree growing out of the deep blue sea As he got there he could see a sign that said "vacancy"
I wonder what's goin' on? said Sam as he swam along/ When he reached that lovely tree/ It was an Anemone! You know that Sam was filled with fright- he know Anemones they bite! How can a creature so bright and cheery/ be so very deadly! So Sam turned to swim away/ but before he could get away/ a voice called out to him- it was Andy The Anemone-he said
CH) Swim with me you'll be safe & sound/there's nothing here that you have to fear/ The clownfish & anemone/can live in harmony/ If that can truly be/ how about you and me?
BR)So don't be afraid of the things you don't know/ 'cause you just might find out what you thought was bad, it can be good for you!
V3) Well, you know that Sam & Andy/ got along very swimmingly/
They helped each other in every way/ with every passing day
How can two creatures so very different/ be so coexistent?
It really makes me start thinkin' 'bout how things could be different/ I wish it was the same way/ In the world we live today/ If
we could all just take the time to make a new friend every day and...


"Live At Last 1" (1992)
"Mr. Myers: 1981-1996"(1996)
"Live At Last 2: Destination Blarney Island" (2006)
Todd Donnelly- "Warm Weather Music" (2001)

Set List

Jimmy Buffett

One Particular Harbour
Coconut Telegraph
Son Of A Sailor
Changes In Latitudes
A Pirate Looks At Forty
Knees Of My Heart
Don’t Chu Know
Boat Drinks
Great Heart
Come Monday
Love And Luck
Why Don’t We...

Paul Simon

Late In The Evening
You Can Call Me Al
Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes
Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard

The Police

So Lonely
Walking On The Moon
Walking In Your Footsteps
Message In A Bottle

Red, Red Wine
Rat In Me Kitchen

Harry Belafonte
Cocoanut Woman
Jamaica Farewell
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
Mary Anne
Jump in the Line

Bob Marley
Is This Love
Stir It Up
I Shot The Sherriff