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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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-whicked ghetto mix tape
-the plan b mix tape
-Mr. Napoleon( self titled)


Feeling a bit camera shy


I started writing lyrics about 5 years ago in 2004. i was in college at the time and honestly i didnt have any plans of gettin into it.. i used to free style at parties, usualy with a buch of other drunk college kids.. i didnt take it serious, it was just messin around.. soon after i started doing this though people began telling me that they felt i was very talented and enjoyed hearing me.. i started gettin known as the kid who could rap and people would ask me to demonstrate.. it still wasnt anything serious.. a few months later my college hosted a rap battle.. it was probably the weakest battle in history but i was still excited when i came in second place out of about 9 people.. i didnt even really battle, i just got on stage and freestyled.. at this point i had started writing raps and actually composing them rather then just freestyling. i decided to sign up for a college open mic.. it was the first time i was going to share music i had actually put my heart into and i was very nervous about doing that.. i told myself if people didnt enjoy it or take me serious i would get myself another hobby.. the show went better than i could have imagined.. an open mic that usually draws a crowd of about 7 people packed the room with about 80.. as people passed through the building they would stop to watch and it just kept building.. the people who put on the open mic had never seen anything like it and a writer for the school paper interviewed me and there was a large article writen about it with pictures of the event.. after the success of that show, i decided i would start committing myself more to the music.. when i got out of college i continued to write and record my own music but was not doing many shows.. fianally one day, after about 3 years.. i got an opportunity to rap a song i had recorded with some friends who had gotten a gig opening up for cannabis.. i was nervous but it went perfectly and i got a lot of positive feedback and compliments from people in the audience. since that day, which was about 5 months ago, i have been doing as many shows as i can.. ive opened up now for cannabis, lords of the underground and cormega, i did a cd release party for right hook, a fund raiser for a child with cancer, and a bunch of other performances at hip hop themed venues, as well as house parties.. i love doing shows and every one that goes by makes me more confident with myself and my music... every show i do i put everything i have into it and i dont mess around when it comes to being a serious and reliable person to work with.. this is what i love to do and i think it shows in every single performance..