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"Mr. Nash - Against The Grain"

The latest album from MR. "BIGG" NASH sees possibly the strongest cd to date, and it hits us with pure vengence. This man knows how to get personal, and make you wanna listen and feel it. This is gangsta hip hop with feeling.

As soon as we stuck this cd in the player, we were very excited about the tunage involved. From start to finish, there are strong tracks throughout, making our choice of 3 tunes almost impossible... but we managed it, just, and our 3 personal choices are below for download, alongside a very honest and striking video for "GONE". MR. NASH has been about for some time now, and through the Boston based TRP NME WRECKIDZ collective, he has pushed his unique gangsta styled hip hop. With production from MR. DILLIGENCE, MR. NASH seems to have come up with his strongest album to date. A powerful, emotive cd, with a real raw feel. this one touches raw nerves all over.

In the past he has also blessed a track with fellow NME wreckid SHUTEYE on the BMX bike trick video release called "INDUSTRY". Since then he's been on the grind paying dues, still with NME WRECKIDZ performing at local spots in and around the Lynn/Boston area and the Mass. North shore. Other spots include popular night club stages in NYC (CLUB DEMERARA) and Rhode Island (SANCTUARY & COSMOPOLITAN). Also, some of his tracks have been dropped on mixtapes put out by STRONGHOUSE ENT from CALI and DJ HOFFA outta NYC. If you havn't already done so, check out this artist: he is not your average emcee. MR. NASH comes up with a style that you will find nowhere else. He puts a lot of energy and emotions into his work, and this particular album is musically rich with well handled beats keeping the flo. Mr. Nash deserves to reach the top. He believes in his art and puts a lot of work, energy, and emotion into it. We think this cd is outstanding, and hope you guys enjoy it too.

About The Featured Song Reviews:

"ALL NIGHT" is a soulful tune, with a wicked groove, infectious as f%*k. To start out with, there is a certain sexiness to the music, but when you have a good listen to the lyrics, this changes to a more serious vibe. It has a raw theme, but is delivered with some class, to say the least. This is the BIGG man at his best, smooth, but not soft, straight to the point, but eloquent.

"GONE" is a touching personal tale, which is backed up by the video that is also available below. You really need to see the video to feel the full force of this tune, it all makes sense when you see it. Again, NASH gets personal in this one, and opens up in a way that surely makes him stronger. This tune is something special for sure. the video is quite a big file, so make sure you're not on dial-up.

Last, but not least, "TIMES CHANGE", is a sinister tune, with a real deep and thoughful vibe going on. The beautiful strings are what drive this one along, and give it that almost spooky melody. NASH uses personal, real life experience, to make this another honest excursion. When you're younger, your parents often say that being a man is being able to talk about your feelings, well this guy must be a BIGG man then!


"Enter His World. You Have No Choice"

"Mr. Nash makes you enter into his world and discover his fight. Check out this artist: he is not your average emcee. Mr. Nash comes up with a style that you will find nowhere else. He puts a lot of energy and emotions in his works. The album is musically rich and the beats are well handled. I particularly recommend: Gone, Against the Grain, All Night and Break That. Mr. Nash deserves to reach the top. He believes in his art and puts a lot of work and energy into it. Mr. Nash has nice lyrics, a good flow delivery and manages to marry beats and instruments in a subtle way. Explore "Against The Grain", it is worth a look."
- Isabelle Esling

"Gone Video"

"Damn dude, (Mr. Nash's "GONE" video) gave me chills. Really gives you an insight as to what the track means. Good job, and great quality too..."
>>>SCRUB JOHANSON (scrub records) - Scrub Johanson

"Worth a second and third listen!"

"...after listening to Mr. Nash a couple more times I now say its one of the hottest albums I have ever heard, no lie...Track 9, "Understand" is definitely a 10/10. Easily the best song on the CD followed by "Next Big Thing" and "Gone"..." -- M2 - M2

"Don't Sleep!"

"Got my copy of (AGAINST THE GRAIN), and y'all are sleepin' if y'all ain't rockin' this. Dope beats courtesy of mr. dill, and my man Nash really got somethin' to say." -- DStruction

- DStruction Records

"A man without gimmicks!"

By: Justin Wollenhaupt

Mr. Nash is a man without gimmicks - just look at the name (Nash is his real last name). This translates to his mic work as a style that flips rhyme complexity the double-bird in favor of coherency and story-telling, resulting in lyrics that are simple, real, and heart-felt.

It doesn’t hurt that the beats he spits to are solid, but choosing beats is an art in itself, and Mr. Nash seems to consistently choose production that compliments his style - the beats are emotive and moderately complex, counter-pointing his frank and simple style.

Lyrically, he sticks to what he knows, favoring autobiography over hyperbole about money, jewelry, and women that he doesn’t have. That sounds unimpressive, but in a world of rappers claiming to “keep it real”, Mr. Nash really is keeping it real, showing pride in the value of his own experiences and respect for his audience by talking about everyday, real life situations.

His voice is somewhat reminiscent of Jay Z in tone, but without the affected inflection that Jigga often uses, saving what inflection he does use for moments when it serves to highlight a particularly poignant phrase. His cadence rides smoothly on the beat, not too percussive, but not too lazy.

As previously stated, his rhyme scheme is very simple, favoring single-syllable rhymes and many couplets that rely only on assonance (such as rhyming “old” with “grow”). That simplicity allows him to stay on message, rather than adopting clunky phrasing to make a complex rhyme work, or just spitting a bunch of impressively rhymed nonsense like many “mathematical” MCs.

Final analysis: I’m impressed. Mr. Nash has just about everything I look for in an MC except wit, but he’s not the punchline-delivering sort, so that’s just as well. I actually enjoy his work more than that of another local stalwart, Edo G, and that’s not meant as a dis of Edo, that’s a compliment to Mr. Nash. With the right record deal and a big PR push, Mr. Nash could become one of those rare hip hop acts such as Outkast that is embraced by both the underground and the mainstream.
- Northeast In-Tune Magazine


Operation Street - 1998
Constant Elevation - 2000
H.I.V. Vol. III (Cali Untouchables Mix Tape) - 2003
Palm Trees & Gangstas (Cali Untouchables) - 2004
Against the Grain- 2004/2005
Boston's Finest Mixtape Vol. 1-2005

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Feeling a bit camera shy


From West Lynn, Massachusetts to the US Navy and back to Massachusetts’ Berklee College of Music, this is the story of Mr. Nash. Anthony Nash AKA “Bigg” Nash offers fans something genuine. Hailing from West Lynn’s Curwin Circle projects, Nash brings all the ammunition he needs to offer the public a true sound. He is his own critic and he sets the bar higher than most. Growing up during the 80's, Nash came of age kind of like hip-hop.

In 1997 Nash would display his hidden talent. After years of beat boxing for corner ciphers, writing at home and filling notebook upon notebook with material, his confidence grew. He credits this newfound confidence to influential hip-hop artists such as The Notorious B.I.G. Entering ciphers in the hallways of Lynn Classical high school, on street corners, and in numerous battles around East and West Lynn. Mr. Nash was ready to blow. Unfortunately, just as things started to pick up and people recognized his true talent, things at home, in school and in the streets started to fall apart. Nash took a look at his options and made a decision that would help define his life; he entered the U.S. Navy.

While serving a four-year enlistment that included three years in Japan, Nash took advantage of the opportunity to display his skills on foreign soil. Creating a network for himself he seized the opportunity to perform at some of Japan's most popular nightclubs. It was here that Nash grabbed the spotlight as an opener for some very big U.S. acts. Nash shared the stage with Cypress Hill, the Roots, L.L. Cool J, Coolio, and Outkast. Just like that, Nash’s name was listed on the marquees of all the top venues such as Yokohama Bay Hall, Club Heaven, Club Circus, and Club Harlem.

After opening up for Outkast at Club Heaven in Honshu, Yokohama, Japan, Nash met DJ Roddy Rod whose production credits include (Black Thought of the Roots, Ed O.G., and Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest to name a few). The two collaborated producing a few demo tracks that they released on a number of mix tapes in both Japan and the U.S. Upon fulfilling his obligation to duty and returning to the United States, Nash continued to perform locally and regionally at various clubs throughout New England, New York City and across the tri-state area.

Nash is very comfortable inside the recording studio releasing three full-length albums as a member of the NME Wreckidz roster (Gloucester, MA). His sales are incredible, reaching close to 17,000 units since 2001. What is most interesting is the fact that this is being done without distribution or conventional retail placement. Nash does understand the market and offers his music for digital download. Nash’s songs have been downloaded approximately 330,000 times since 2000.

On the agenda for 2006, Anthony Nash plans to finish his Master Audio Production Certificate from, sign publishing and licensing deals, launch his own imprint, ATTUX ENTERTAINMENT, start producing other artists, and report 10,000 units in 2006. Stick around the new story is about to drop.