(mr) next

(mr) next


One man band gone from drummer to producer, doing the alternative to alternative, producing a hybrid of alt, funk and goth. with a touch of electronic production and a loyalty to the acoustic guitar. Possibly filling the gap between NIN and Prince, comparisons from Depeche Mode to Dr. Dre & Pinback


*Alternatronic Soul*

Self taught on all instruments at an early age. Played in many bands on various instruments. Blessed with collaborations and experience with brilliant musicians, like Paul Oakenfold or Shock G/Humpty Hump. Exposed to many styles and cultures from a young age (from opera to hip hop to metal to jazz to ethnic music) . Formed into an artist of many styles, but learned to focus it all into one. Electronative Rock N Roll 2.0 is the closest description because it leaves so much open, but it's a mix between acoustic alternative, gothic and funk. It's based on groove and comes from emotion, and has a lot of ambition. The album is posted on www.mrnext.bandcamp.com, along with some free downloads, including my version of LoveSong by the Cure.


The laid back, almost disco style beat, which contained arabic vocals "All Over U" was placed on Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto Chills Vol. 3. And Adidas.com used 3 of my songs for a 6 song jukebox on a special Kevin Garnett Shoe promo page that was up from 2004-2006. The songs were there to show his two sides...chill and amped. Shock G aka The Humpty Hump, from the Digital Underground appears on a mr. next track about the after life called "Where God Cums", which was the topic of an interview in an underground hip hop documentary.

*All Over U*

Featured on Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto Chills Vol. 3
In Rotation on iTunes radio and Pandora.com

*The Only One* from the new album blind:

Featured on Midfinger Records Busta CD compilation 20,000 copies distributed in Italy

Top Ten finalist in Songwars

Featured on the ExposeYourMuse DVD for The Public Muse Group

In rotation at RadioElectric.com


Artist to Watch Feature (date to be announced)

*Let me go part 3, Machine man, Forsaken part 2*

Featured on Adidas.com's Kevin Garnett Page (2005)

*Where God Cums* (unreleased)

Guest stars Shock G/Humpty Hump (Digital Underground)

*Elevator Pitch Soundtrack* (Short Film for 8 bit riot)

Composed, Produced and Performed Soundtrack for Short Horror Film which won an award in the 48 hr. film fest.

*Too Much Devotion* from the album "Blind" was recently used in short film that was qualified for a major fesitval in Japan.

(Currently two songs from the album "blind" are being requested to be placed on an independent feature length film.)

Set List

Currently selecting musicians to bring the album to life, and deciding which songs to use from the album "blind".

When I play solo, I used beats and half-produced tracks to back me up as I sing and play guitar. I did a show that featured a Jim Morrison interview in between songs, using excerpts of him talking about how the future of music would be made by one man, using many machines. I have also been known to play freestyle guitar over a DJ set. I played a lot of different DJ's in a lot of different clubs in SF. I also put together bands once in a while and we play the funkier stuff I have. The new album "blind" is a bit more depeche mode sounding, and it's so new I haven't performed the material live. I have produced a few covers in the studio. Muse "hysteria", The Cure "lovesong" and Jimi Hendrix "third stone from the sun". I am working on a downtempo beat heavy version of Eric Clapton's "cocaine". I am also working on acoustic renditions of "like a stone" by au