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He's one of those guys that kids immediately love. " Greg Batton, WGN Radio, Chicago



"My stores LOVED having Mr. Nicky perform for their events. The McHenry store has begged me to rebook and I will definitely do so. He is loved by our customers and our staff as well, which is just as important."

Kristen Sohacki
Borders Books Inc.
District Marketing manager

"Mr. Nicky has created a diverse album of 10 tunes that will please young listeners. . . Mr. Nicky has a good voice, shows real versatility in his song writing, and features spare but nicely enhancing instrumental accompaniments."


"DON'T MISS! . . .Discover another bright spot on the kids music scene. . ."


"Mr. Nicky was wonderful. His effervescent style had the children in the audience totally engrossed in his songs. It is so refreshing to hear children's songs that are actually written for kids. It was a very positive experience and we can't wait to have him back."

Tamara McQueen-Salentine
Marketing and Media Relations Coordinator
SciTech Hands On Museum
Aurora, IL

“We are looking forward to hiring Mr. Nicky back to our longstanding children’s program and are hoping that he will be available for many years to come. He has the innate ability to connect with kids that most performers have to work hard at. His music is lively but also thoughtful in ways that totally make sense to kids. Mr. Nicky is great. He is natural and fun and not at all contrived.”

-Brian Grover
Principal Writer
Creation Station
Cornerstone Music

Mr. Nicky is one of the most creative, energetic and innovative new children's musicians performing today. His latest CD, “Mr. Nicky’s Science Project”, is a hit with teachers, librarians, and museum directors. His 2004 release, "Rattlesnakes for Breakfast", is frequently played on XM Kids Radio, and his hit song "Too Many Beans" recently reached number 1 on the XM Kids playlist (beating out Sponge Bob and many others!).

For the past two years, Mr. Nicky has been the chosen children's performer at the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, IL, which draws over 16,000 people over three days. He is consistently asked to play at festivals, birthday parties, kids' clubs, Boy Scout and Girl Scout meetings, schools, museums, libriaries . . . anywhere there are kids!

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By "A .J. Discher: Mom of Twins":

We adore Rattle Snakes for Breakfast, by Mr. Nicky! My twin five-year old daughters know each song almost word for word. His messages in such songs like Nerds and Weirdo's has made them conscious of others around them and how we all somehow fit and work in this world. The song Bullies brings front and center that being kind and good to others not only is decent but it eliminates the creation of a Bully. Even though a lesson can be learned from most of the songs, they are still entertaining. We sing them in the car even if we left the CD in the player at home. I love the fact that this is music that opens the lines of communication between Parent and Child.
I laugh, and feel such joy when I hear my Children's laughter from their sheer enjoyment. Mr. Nicky brought fun and learning back into music. Imagine getting that for just a small amount. Compared to all the other high priced games and toys for Christmas this year, this CD Far out weighs them in value; it will be the least expensive, yet smartest gift you can give!"

Biography: Mr. Nicky

Dan Nicky has been playing his unique brand of hilarious and educational children’s music for 2 years. His degree in education (with certification in English and biology) has helped to infuse his music with abundant learning opportunities. A skilled guitarist, vocalist, and percussionist, Dan polished his musical talents for 3 years at the Old Town School of Folk Music (Chicago) before releasing his debut CD, “Rattlesnakes for Breakfast”, in 2004.

This first CD generated such overwhelming positive response and acclaim that Dan released a second CD, “Mr. Nicky’s Science Project”, in 2006. Both CDs are being played on radio stations and web casts across the country, being distributed nationally and internationally by Infinity Music Distribution.


I Dug a Hole to China

Written By: Mr. Nicky (on "Mr. Nicky's Science Project

I dug a hole to China… I dug a hole to China

I dug a hole to China, and this is what I found
The earth has many layers that lie beneath the ground
I made it through the crust and then the mantle and the core
I can’t believe I’m living, and boy my arms are sore

When I first started digging my shovel nearly bust
I hit a hardened layer that we know as the crust
But I soon found a section where the crust separates
I think it’s called a fault in between tectonic plates

I dug a hole to China. . .

I made it through the crust and I was picking up my pace
A layer called the mantle was the next thing that I faced
The upper mantle’s rigid, the lower mantle flows
It moves the crust upon it an inch a year or so

The mantle took forever for me to penetrate
But when I reached the outer core I shouted out “Oh great!
It’s made of liquid metal and the inner core’s too hot
More sizzling than the sun but I’ll dig with all I’ve got

I dug a hole to China…

I made it through to China through more mantle and more crust
Some magma gave me problems, but I would soon adjust
When I popped out in China, the people all exclaimed,
“Next time you come to China you should take an airplane”

I should have flown to China. . .

Too Many Beans

Written By: Mr. Nicky (On "Rattlesnakes for Breakfast")

Everything around me is falling apart
I should have known there’d be disaster from the start
And now I’m trapped with nowhere to turn
Why are some lessons just so hard to learn

I ate too many beans
I ate too many beans
And you know what that means
Why did I eat so many beans

My dad is crying, he's been weeping out loud
My mother plugged her nose she won't come into the house
My brother lit a match and the poor boy got roasted
My grandma hates my guts ‘cause her furniture is toasted


Well I lost my friends I lost my pride
My dog threw up and my goldfish died
I’ve got a hundred million pounds of pressure inside
I can’t hold it in you know I’ve tried

I could knock down the walls of Jericho
I could launch my sister to Mexico
My teachers won’t help me cause they all know
My large intestine’s about to blow



Written By: Mr. Nicky (On "Rattlesnakes for Breakfast")

For 30 years I’ve been a fireman
When I was young, they didn’t understand
When I saw a flame, I had to put it out
And they called me strange everytime I’d shout “Fire!”

I was 5 years old at the barbecue
When the charcoal burned I knew what to do
I took the lemonade and dumped it on the grill
Everybody got mad I can hear them still, they said,

“You crazy kid what’s the matter with you?”
But I knew that I’d be a fireman
No one but me knew that one day I’d be saving the ones that scream “Fire!”

In the 7th grade I got a man upset
When he tried to light up a cigarette
I quickly looked around, I found a garden hose
I sprayed the water in his face and up his nose, he said,


In high school they called me a fool, but when I went to college I got all the knowledge I needed. I trained with the fire department, and when those apartments were burning in flames it was just my first day on the squad. But I did my job.
And I ran inside. I saved a boy’s life. And no one but me was able to see
through the smoke when that little boy screamed “Fire!”

It’s been 30 years, I’ve fought a thousand fires
I’m kind of feeling old and ready to retire
I tried to tell the chief, but he chewed me out
His voice shook the walls of the firehouse, he said

“You crazy kid what’s the matter with you? Don’t you know that you are a fireman? You can’t just leave all the ones who still need you”
Boy did that old chief scream

“You crazy kid what’s the matter with you?”
Yeah I know that I am a fireman
I can’t just leave all the ones who still need me
‘Cause I am a fireman. Fire!


2004 LP: "Rattlesnakes for Breakfast"
Frequently played on XM Kids Radio, with the single "Too Many Beans" at number 1.

2006 LP: "Mr. Nicky's Science Project"
Release date: January 2, 2006
Already a favorite of teachers, librarians, and museum directors!
Licensed for distribution in South Africa by Lush Records

Radio Stations Now Playing Mr. Nicky:

XM Satellite Radio
Washington, D.C.

Family Groove
KFAI - St. Paul, MN.

Loopy Moose Radio
Rye, NY - Webcast

MASSive Radio
Seattle, WA - Webcast

The Carousel
WPKN - Fairfield, CT.

We Like Kids
KTOO FM - Juneau, AK.

WLUW FM- Chicago, IL

Hip Young Parent Radio
Los Angeles, CA - Webcast

Set List

Mr. Nicky's shows normally last 45 minutes to an hour. His typical set list includes the songs:

Baby Butterfly
Look Up at the Clouds
Nerds and Weirdos
Sorry Mom and Dad
Radio Song
Song of the Sun
Too Many Beans
Rattlesnakes for Breakfast
If You Ever Catch a Birdie
Soccer Mom
My Tiny Kitty
The Hungry Jive
The Planets Song
I Dug a Hole To China