Four piece Irish rock band with hints of Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and U2.


MRNORTH returns March 6th with the new album “Fear & Desire,” The follow up to thier 2004 debut 'Lifesize', Fear And Desire' swaggers from the insecurity of “The Player,” to the self-induced penance of the power house “For The Cheater and The Cheated,” to the wrenching “So Long Love” and the philosophic closer “Rope.” The city they now choose to call home permeates throughout both records. After the release of “Lifesize,” MRNORTH toured ceaselessly for a year and a half. The band did the club scene and supported a wide array of artists including Sheryl Crow, Evanescence, Kings Of Leon, Fuel, Live, Van Halen, Bryan Adams and The Who. The band ended 2005 on tour with O.A.R., whose album, “Song For The Stranger,” features backing vocals by Colin Smith on several tracks. The tour ended with Smith singing on stage with O.A.R. at their sold-out show at Madison Square Garden.

When the four members of MRNORTH entered the studio in February of 2006 to start recording, they decided to compose along a common theme -- the darker side of love and commitment, which was something the lyric writers in the band had all too much experience with. The aspects of fear and desire in relationships are the focus of the songs on the new album, so its title was an obvious choice. The idea of a themed record is a first for MRNORTH. Another first was the use of classical instruments: the band enlisted the help of the Greenwich Village Orchestra to add the depth and drama that the song’s subject matter purveys. The result is a beautiful and rich soundscape of “rock band with concert orchestra.” “A song like ‘For the Moment’ was a perfect candidate for an orchestral arrangement,” says guitarist Emmett O’Malley. “The poignancy of the lyrics and the way the chords move throughout the song simply had to be embellished with the lushness of string and brass instruments.” Now the band is excited about taking their new music on the road very soon. “Fear & Desire,” they feel, will speak to people on a gut level. “The record has both elements of mosh pit excitement and moody reflection,” O’Malley explains. “People are going to come away from the live show with something they haven’t quite heard us do before.”


'Lifesize' - produced by Jerry Harrison (Live, No Doubt, Talking Heads, Von Bondies) 2004
The Sleeping Dogs EP (November 2006)
Fear and Desire (March 2007)

Singles: Bring It On, Let Me In, Speak No Evil, So Many Things

Set List

Enough origianls for 120 minute set