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Upstate MC, "GM" aka "Mr.Not You". Rhymes are raw, Raps are gritty, Content is custom.


GM aka Mr. Not You is an emcee that resides in the capital city of New York, Albany. Having been steadily releasing music for over a decade now, GM has built everything from the ground up on his own. All original content written and recorded by himself. GM has released 14 various projects since he started and isn't slowing down anytime soon. He's got a presence and he will make sure you know he is there, and aknowledging him is almost unavoidable. He's the rapper that you're not but wish you could be. Having worked heavily in the past with producers Melvin Junko, The Vinylycologist, Dr. Khil, J-Zone, PoSafeBeats, and Mike G of OFWGKTA and emcee's Animal Cracker, Melvin Junko, Copywrite, Nyko, The Vinylcologist, Mista Pigz, and a slew of others you can expect to see a lot more of the emcee in the near future, whether you like it or not.


Gigantificationism: The 5one8 EP w/ Melvin Junko - May 2013
Audio Vérité - February 2013
#GMEP - November 2011
Obnoxious (Chopped & Screwed by Mike G) - December 2010
Obnoxious - November 2010
Pre-Obnoxious Mixtape - July 2010
GM x Vinylcologist: For Your BBQ Vol. 1 - July 2010
Seriously Sick Vol. 3 - November 2009
Shoe Fits - December 2009
Jackin Jay-Z - July 2009
American Psycho Mixtape w/ Dr. Khil - August 2008
Hate Mail - April 2008
Seriously Sick Vol. 2 - January 2007
Seriously Sick Vol. 1 - January 2007

Set List

Varies with each performance