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The Voice of many,who want the same but can't be Heard....


Biography: Mr.Noze. What makes the group Mr. Noze ? AKA- David Sanchez & Daniel DeLeon make the so called group Mr.Noze. Best Friends since we were little kids growing up in the Quigg Newton Projects, Denver, Colorado- Started from the DeLeon Family whos talent was like no other, for being all family they had things locked down through out the city of Denver back in the dayz. I got started by writing poems, and one poem that I wrote in 1992-1993 won me a trip to Washington DC, to speak in front of Congress and was broadcasted on TV. The poem I wrote at the time was about gangs- Whos side- basically talking about whos side is it really, here we are as Gente fighting about things and places that aint ours, but whos is it really. Growing up in a single parent home, outside in the streets with no where to go, other then learning the life and raised underneath the street light poll. Thats how I got started, I knew that I could be a voice- a voice of many who want the same but they cant be heard the way that I could, if I took it to the world. So, from there I decided that I would do something different and let it be known. Now Its 2007-2008 and been in the game for about 10 years and doing things strong. My first album I released was in 2000 called Mr. Noze- Nobody Knowz- to where that album took me straight International, as a local artist. I was the only local artist in Denver at the time to do it like that big... I was on TV, radio everything and anything and I mean anything I could do to put my name out there I did. From weddings to banquets to baptism to birthday parties to benefits to what ever so that people knew who I was and where I was coming from. People would see that I had an ambition to move and move, there for they started to give nothing but love to Mr.Noze, because of the struggle the dedication the time I put into this, the patience, the movement, the feeling, the passion the heart & soul my mind my place, and time that I was in then made it for me to be me, Mr.Noze. Respect is what I was after and later got it for doing for the people and staying by the people. People ask how I was inspired into making music, and I tell them this, I was born on my Dads birthday April 24, 1978, and for years my dad would say that I was going to make his Noze famous,- I just didnt know what he was talking about. My dad passed away January 16th 2000 and after that, is when I realized what he was talking about. My 1st album was done I released it and it took me international with the hit track Ya no Te Querro ver, half English and Spanish, that took me as an independent artist to a hole and new level. Places I would never even think about because of the person I was and where I came from. A whole new world, after realizing that I can do way more of that, of what I thought I can do. After my pops passing away, I knew that this was for him, so for him and by him I will do this, - because I am Mr.Noze, his creation and what he wanted. Now the music that I create will be enjoyed by the people who feel me and feel my heart beat, because they have been there before or they know someone who is going through that and know that they can make a change from that because of what Im saying or through the music Im making. I dont just Make music for me and my satisfaction, - I make it for the fact that I know that there our people out there that need to be heard or they need someone to talk to about there problems. A lot of our youth today dont have that to where they can talk to there parents or family members about there problems, thats why they turn to music so that they can re-late or know that out there , is someone who knowz what there talking about and want to belong to something, which is music. My music- to be exact, they love that I know whats going on in the hood or theyre lives. Me Mr.Noze the example of what was left on the streets but made a difference in the lifes of many who cant be heard. So for them Im going to make it be heard. Im here for the lost, - the ones with no direction, Im here to give them guidance love and attention, to hear them, and be them that is what makes Mr.Noze. People ask: Where u from? Im from Denver, Colorado, - where the game is the hustle. How much muscle u got? Undefined Records now affiliated going to make more then just power moves- we doing big things- in ourselves doing real things for the community, special events, kids day at the park, social nights for kids that dont have no where to go, lead them into a direction where they see that there is more to life then, the streets, a place that these troubled youth can go to be free with no worries, a place like home. What projects have u participated in? I have done a lot of local projects with artist that I can trust, with groups that I know have the hustle that game, whos motivated and has that drive, what up gangsta!!! To all those who made this possible every artist I got a chance to open up for Odessa TX, Low-rider Tejano super sh


MR.NOZE- Bring da Noise- EP
Ya no te querro ver..Radio
What u call dat there...Radio
Ki ta te la ROPA --Radio

Set List

2-5 songs
about 10-30 min long