Mr. Opporknockity

Mr. Opporknockity


The acoustic side of rock... It's like Barenaked Ladies and Dave Mathews Band Tour Busses colided. "Hey, you got your BNL in my DMB!"


If you've never seen the band before, and you happen to walk in while they are setting up, you might suspect Mr. Opporknockity is anything but a rock band. With accordions, a washboard, harmonicas, jingle bells, and guitars out the ying-yang, you might conjure up other ideas about this group. . .
Bluegrass band? Possibly.
Polka Band? Well, maybe.
Stick around for a few tunes and you realize that this is a rock band with a twist. Sure, they have some definite country influence, but what is coming off of that stage is some seriously fun rock & roll.
Mr. O (as their fans refer to them) hit you with a sonic slew that pulls from so many musical genres that you have to take your socks off to count.
And this isn't just a rock band. . . They are an original band with four CD's under their belt. Now, before you start heading for the door is search of a cover band, stick around and listen. Mr. O's songs suck you in. Their music is believable, honest, quirky, compelling, and super FUN. Some fans make comparisons to Barenaked Ladies, others hears a little Dave Matthews Band or Blues Traveler. Regardless, all fans agree that Mr. O has a sound of its own. Ask any listener what the "Mr. O Sound" is and they will give you a resounding "I have no idea!"
A great deal of Mr. Opporknockity's uniqueness comes from their different musical influences. From Steve Earle to AC-DC, Hank Williams Sr. to the Beatles, The White Stripes to The Police, the Mr. O sound is a cauldron of flavors seasoned by every member of the band.
So sit back (if you can find a seat) and catch Mr. Opporknockity somewhere at a venue near you. You can't miss them; they are the rock/country/bluegrass/polka looking band setting up on stage.


B.Y.O.D - EP(1996)
A Discouraging Word - LP(1998)
Mr. Opporknockity "With Nuts!" - LP(2000)
The Greatest "O" on Earth - LP(2003)
Mr. Othology - LP(2005)

Set List

70% originals with covers mix in throughout. Much fewer covers for "original friendly" clubs.

Covers include:
AC/DC - Shook Me All Night Long, done country
Gloria Gainor - I Will Survive
Poison - Talk Dirty to Me, done country
The Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated
Barenaked Ladies - Brian Wilson & $1,000,000 get the idea. It's a lot of fun music.