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Go Digital with Mr. Ozwald!!! While most artist are still following an out of date model to sell music, Oz decides to focus on digital distribution. His new album "The Yearbook" consists of 12 songs, released a month at a time as he recorded throughout the year.


Mr. Ozwald is the emerging artist, producer and Crown Digital label chief representing the future of the music industry. Hailing from West Hartford, CT, Mr. Ozwald has been recording and producing his own material since he was 18. Oz eventually moved to New York City and started selling his CD's the old fashioned way, on the street. While selling thousands of albums hand to hand and building a loyal fan-base throughout the city, Mr. Ozwald continued his grind successfully, until he was arrested for selling his music without a vendor's license and forced to reassess his situation.

The arrest wasn't the only thing that changed Oz's mindset; the music industry was rapidly changing, and major labels were struggling. Ozwald, the entrepreneur and creative marketer, began to develop his label, Crown Digital Records, and a distribution plan with a focus on technology. The label would distribute its material through digital delivery platforms, directly from,, as well as through major online retailers including iTunes, Rhapsody and Zune.

Oz released his first official album, The Road to Riches, in 2007, and immediately began working on his second album, The Yearbook, taking his concept to the next level by going 100% digital. Every month, a new single was produced and released online, complete with its own original album cover artwork. The result was a collection of impressively original tracks, each one with a completely distinctive and fresh sound, as opposed to a traditional album that often showcases one or two hot singles and an assortment of filler.

In addition to running Crown Digital Records, recording and producing his own material, and performing throughout the city, Oz is also one half of the Sonic Boyz (a music production partnership) and the co-founder of Wi-Fly Radio, an entertainment website covering music, news and a variety of pop culture topics. You've heard Mr. Ozwald's music on mainstream media channels including MTV's Rob & Big and Run's House, ESPN, ABC, and Warren Miller's Off The Grid. He's performed alongside hip-hop legends Lil Wayne and Ghostface Killah, as well as at some of the hottest nightclubs in the city. Mr. Ozwald is an emerging artist and young hip hop entrepreneur to watch in 2009.


Rob & Big Seasons 1, 2, 3, MTV
Run's House Seasons 1, 2 MTV
The Yearbook, 2008
The Road To Riches, 2007
Warren Miller's: Off The Grid, 2006

Set List

30- 45 minutes sets.