Propayne James

Propayne James

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My music is hands down what the industry has been lacking! I make the music thats in my soul and I don't care what's trendy.


The Biography of
Propayne James

“Propayne James“ was born January the 4th 1987 in San Diego, Cali. Growing up without the guidance of his father he struggled for many years trying to become the man his family needed in their lives. As a youngster, James would run the streets with his brother and other kids from surrounding neighborhoods, hustling, fighting, and basically diving head first into a life of crime. At the age of 14, his brother was incarcerated. When released, he introduced James to the art of jail house rap, and thus sparking a flame that has been burning ever since. Coming up as a young black male in a city infested by gangs, James became a product of his surroundings, often times targeted by police and rival neighborhoods. Using music as a way to avoid “The Life” James connected with other local rappers and started recording mix tapes and street albums that eventually world earn him the name “Propayne James”. “The name Propayne is a result of my explosive beats and pain driven’ lyrics I express on the mic” says James. “And when you play my record I want it to blow your mind from beginning to end…period.”


The Goldenstate Paperchase
The GP'z album

Set List

Drippin Wet
Return of that real...
Enjoy the ride
The slap
Gettin lonley
My songs are on average 3-4 min long.