New York City, New York, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Welcome all true Hip Hopper, Underground Heads and Real Lifers. This is a label that is doing things on their own without the help of any major or small label. We do the music cause we love it, not because we have to do it. No one control us...Enjoy and support....CrimeCity


Mr.Raw /aka: Enhance Punishment:::::A vet of slang and Street life. The Wordsmith of this decade/ The Sound-Maker of Street-Hip-Hop A Gram dealer 24-7/ Video editor and shot expert. To sum it all up you are introduce To The Rawest Alive MR. RAW = MC, Producer and DJ………. My lifestyle is not a game I survived the craziest and most violent parts of the city.Hung out with the most violent people who because of them I got a lot to be thankful for. They made me who I am today. Peace to my family, A4/Lo-Lifes (BK) and JC crew … From the overall experience I learned a lot and got scars from Street Wars. Others say the same tale but did not live the same lifestyle. Some people talk a whole lot but never walked the steps I did. If you want to support real Hip Hop then follow me because I’m here to make noise with meaning. I’m not here for the money or the fame. I came to represent the Crime game and rep others who have the same dream to make Hip Hop as real as it can be....

The other artist dose not want to disclose his info for legal reasons...