Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson


Songs that tell stories of love, that describes the scenes that surround me, that take the listener through the world I've lived. With simple melodies and hooks I try to paint the picture of my life.


With musical influences varying from classical, blues, funk, soul, R&B, flamenco and Rock, Robert Johnson has a repertoire full of character and emotion. Songs that tell stories that vary from the comical to the tragic. Robert Johnson paints pictures that encompass the full spectrum of music.

Robert is a story teller and performer by nature, and any chance he gets, he loves doing both; this passion is evident in his live shows. He has a captivating stage presence that is filled with energy. He makes a seamless transition from the somber tones of, "Crashing," to the comical underpinnings of, "Daily Fix." Every moment of his performance is emotive and heart-felt.

Robert has recently released "The Demo," a collabrative work under the name, Robert and The Emotional Scars. A small tour of Florida and a few select cities, has been put together to promote the EP. By Fall of 2006 he will be back in the studio to record his first full length album, "All She Took."

Robert is happy with the music he is playing and believes in what he is creating. He calls Orlando home, and is proud to be part of the budding music scene.



Written By: Robert Johnson

She comes in like a wave,
that takes a man.
She needs some release.
I need to keep it in.
She’s a motionless vessel
that keeps moving along.
She’ll eventually pass me by,
that’s when I know I don’t belong.

I feel helplessly alone.
The doom I feel within’
The hope drowns when she calls.
& I keep sticking it in.
Stickin’ it in.
Stickin’ it in my veins.
And I feel alone tonight.
With you standing there
staring at me, Staring at me,
with that look in your eyes.
That look in your eyes.

There’s an empty gun in my lap.
She’s the bullet I swear to God…
I need to feel the crashing of her,
against the back of my skull.
She connects me to a deeper world.
One that only she knows.
Sometimes she keeps me out in the cold.
She’s a dreamer, she’s not mine.

Things are good these days, things are fine.

Rainy Day

Written By: Robert Johnson

It’s another rainy day,
Here, in Orlando.
The clouds come rolling in,
And the sun,
Goes away.

It’s another rainy day,
Here, in Orlando.
Maybe it’s just another hurricane,
Or maybe,
It’s just a tornado.
You better hunker down,
I said hunker down,
Oh, and board up your windows.

Everything is backwards here,
Oh, in Orlando.
Especially the smile on my face,
My baby left on the first train out,
As fast as she could,
Oh, I don’t know what to do now,
I don’t know who I’m supposed to call,
Don’t know where I’m supposed to fall,
Don’t know what to do.
All I can count on is the
Rain…………….. oh, in
Orlandoooooooo oooooh oooooooooh
Here in Orlando.

My baby she went so far away,
she got on the first train as fast as she could.
She's gone, she's gone for good.
No looking back, no way, no how.
I'm sitting on this park bench thinking to myself.
When you gonna come down and wash away all the sorrow.
Don't wait for today, no, no.
Don't wait for tomorrow.
The only thing I can count on these days, is the rain-rain-rain,
here in Orlando.


San Francisco can wait - demo
The Demo - EP

Set List

Last Night, Aloha, Thank you, Polly, Useless, close my eyes, Rainy day, All she took, passing through, I paint a picture, Sit Here, Crashing, Sunday Morning, Snake eyes, Beulah Mae, Daily Fix, Mary, Hardest part, one and only, Marianne, California Airplane, Last night, The boy holding the knife.

Amie - Damien Rice, Wonderful tonight - clapton, Over the rainbow - Israel K., Creep - Radiohead, Bobby Mcgee - Janis Joplin, Love song & Just like Heaven - The Cure, Rivers of Babylon - Sublime version, Wish you were here - Pink Floyd, One - U2, Donna - Richie Valens, Beautiful Girl - Inxs, Love me Tender & Hound dog - Elvis, Last dance with Mary Jane - Tom Petty, Brown Eyed girl - Van Morrison.