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Larry J Rogers (born October 28, 1984), better known by his stage name Mr.Rogers, is an American rapper/pop artist and businessman.In the City Paper ,various artists - Marketing And Distribution Volume 1 (IMP Records) In the City Paper this week, I've got a review of this album from the label formerly known as Imperial Records, featuring Young Dip, Bless and Mr.Rogers (and a guest appearance by Mullyman). I've posted about a previous release by the label before, Read the review, and check out MrRogers an on itunes. Mr.Rogers - "Uplugged" (mp3) Mr.Rogers really kills every verses he writes, especially on this solo track produced by PA Shell.



Written By: Larry Rogers

Lor Sosa unplugged underground Be-more exclusive unh nigga watch how I do this. unh get tune to my music. I am a hustler I come from the street,I put my life on beats write lyrics to speak,So the whole world know how it feel to be me,being push down river trying to pull up stream.My dreams nightmare and my nightmare dreams being force to sell drugs, what poverty brings ? Under the circumstance I toke a peep at the game all wrong make right just to path a way. All night on the block to feed the next day all ways staying strap keep the hater way. I don't really wanna do it but it's life in play and the old heads say if you a man make your play. (HOOK) 40 second for the verse 25 for the hook ten thou on the floor then reality shook.It's a way out the hood a famous export cause when you have money you can implement thoughts.It's a long road to life the strip to short you can easily fall at the top of the fort.So! watch the watcher time the clocker realism is real life doctor.The conductor manage your structure,I am a man so I had to strengthen to make a plan for my fam why struggle? If I am holding the ball why fumble? If I have something to say why mumble ? I toke a walk threw this jungle. The sun shinning I am seed in bundle,watch me grow threw the green house sun roof hustler. (HOOK) Still chasing having patients my occupation my life in it's makings.Its opportunity it's easy to take it 1 step it a get you two places. I toke heed so I learn to hold aces,commonsense is really life bases.It's like a spirit it's there but can't trace it,not knowing if you really going make it, I got to take it fact's face it. It's nothing you can do to stop placement it's fire in the game but I am lace it, drop cargo I am in the ballroom here to meet the king shinning like moon threw this darkness I still make move I am like a star with the force of a typhoon.I want more and today is my eyes view.(HOOK)


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