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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"URB Mix It"

By Daiana Feuer and Brandon Perkins

Mr Romo
This mix is the soundtrack for a space-age street thug intelectual in a Tarantino Movie. Romo's distinctive mark is using dialogue from sources like Jack Kerouac and Bob Dylan to adverisements for self-help and Slurpies. He manages to create a eerie and gun-toting noir sensation without the use of a single shot. The Timing is pretty sharp and the chilled-out melodies are as easy to ride. So if you are in a hazy space age street thug intellectual mood Mr Romo wil provide a fitting soundscape for your day. - URB Magazine

"Willamette Week Readers Poll"

Voted 2nd best DJ in Oregon. - Willamette Weekly Magazine

"Portland Mercury Best of PDX"

Mr Romo voted best DJ in Portland. - The Stranger


I have a weekly radio show on 1450am KPSU, and a corresponding podcast. My website has samples of my music.

I Part Classic - 2006 - Mashup, Turntablism, Hip-hop

Mr Romo needs his PHX - 2006 - Mashup Turntablism

Fadein Fadeout - 2006 - Abstract turntablist downtempo

Pharmaceutical Haze - 2005 - Trip-hop, Ambient, Turntablism, Downtempo

Live From the WWorks - 2005 - Club Jazz

The Fuse - Crown Remix - CleoStyle Remix, Asain Trips Remix

Furious Mosquito Bites - 2005 - Pure turntablism

Electro on a Coaster - 2005 - Electro / IDM / Electroclash / Modern

(Soundtrack to) Relations - 2005 - Trip-hop / Acid-hop / Downtempo

Opens for Grandmaster Flash - 2004 - Live recording - Mash-up / Turntablism / Hip-Hop

Neu-Lounge - 2004 - World breakbeat / Acid Lounge / Funk

The Lowdown - 2004 - Ecletic / Turtablist / Mash-up

Middle School Remixes - 2004 - Comp of Mr Romo's white label Remixes

The Influence of Urban Wine - 2004 - World / House / Jet Set / Nu Jazz

Romo From Marrs - 2004 - Downtempo / Trip-hop / Lounge / Experimental / World

De La Soul - Daisy Age - Romo Remix

Oz Blue - 2003 - Downtempo / Trip-hop / Lounge / Experimental / World

Live @ Mt Tabor - 2003 - Turntablist / Beats / Blues / Mash-up / Rock

Live @ Radioactive - 2003 - Turntablist / Hip-Hop / Mash-up / Spoken Word

Tribe Called Quest - Give it - Romo's Remix

Visits The Old School - 2003 - Old School Hip-Hop

Dahlia - Ya Gots to Live - Romo Remix

La Chunga and Other Oddities - 2002 - World Folk / Experimental / Soundscore

Romo vs Filtron - 2002 - Turntablist DJ Battle

Cure - Close to Me - Romo Remix

Mitchell's Revenge - 2002 - Alt Country / Folk / Indie

One Funky Summer - 2002 - Hip-hop / Trip-hop / House / Big Beat / Funk

Stan Getz - Girl From Ipanema - Romo Remix
Beats - 2001 - Jazz / Trip-hop / Spoken Word

Various Source Material - 2001 - Hip-hop / Experimental / House

Tone Loc - Funky Wildthing - Romo Mash Up Remix

Corny-ass Mega-Mix - 2001 - 70's & 80's Funk / Pop / Rock / Reggae

Tony Basil - Hey Mickey - Romo Remix

Rick Rack EP 2 - 2001 - Trip-hop / Big Beat / House

Rick Rack EP - 2001 - Trip-hop / House / Lounge
Georgeous - 4U - Romo Remix

Live At Level 1 - 2000 - Pop House

Stimulator - Got you - Romo Remix

Ecoute - 2000 - Midtempo / Lounge / World

Spins Drum and Bass - 2000 - Drum and Bass

Simply Hardcore - 1999 - Big Beat / House / Hardcore

Overdoser remix of the song "techno" - 1999

Aggressive Tendancies - 1999 - Aggressive House / Big Beat / Rock

Captain Kid - The Train - Romo Remix

The Not-so-amazing Mr Romo - 1997 - House / Big Beat / World


Feeling a bit camera shy


Josh Beastie started out spinning 15 years ago.
The Mr Romo monkier was, at first, a side project of Radio Personality Josh Beastie on 1450am KPSU's radio program The Underground. One night, on air, Joshua Lamar (Aka Mr Romo & Josh Beastie) used Mr Romo as a way to illustrate the 2 forms of The DJ. Josh Beastie was the Disc Jockey - would play music and interupt your listening experience to tell you what you had heard. While Mr Romo was the DJ mixing beats, never leaving a blank spot and splicing in weird old samples. The name Mr Romo was taken from the first true radio improv character "the ultimate beatnik Mr Geetz Romo". Geetz was created to shield the ledgendary Del Close from the long arm of the law, who would have placed him in prison for talking publicly about casual sex and drug use on the air in 1958. Alternately Josh Beastie was born the day of Josh Lamars first KPSU brodcast. "A Disk Jockey known as Cosmic Jim hosted a show preecding me and he could not remember my name", Say Josh, "he just looked at me and said 'and now a new guy... Josh,... Beastie, yeah." You can however, read more of the Josh Beastie's exploits in his new book entitled: " ", as this bio is about Mr Romo.

Mr Romo’s unique sound covers the complete musical spectrum all at once. Everything from jazz, deep down tempo, country to house, world, Hip-hop, and rock can be heard at any given time.
Mr Romo utilizes advanced production methods & improvisation skills to mix & remix various types of music, loops, and samples together to form his unique sounding music. Mr Romo draws inspiration from a vast array artists such as Freddy Fresh, Thelonious Monk, Ken Nordine, Soul Hooligan, James Brown, and many others.
Romo's Remixes have been on import & white label mixes and include rare mixes of the Beastie Boys, The Cure, Dave Allen, De La Soul, Bjork, Eric B & Rakim, Eddie Brikell,Ogden Nash, Overdoser, and several others.
When asked the question “what style are you” in a recent interview for URB Magazine, Mr Romo replied, “An electronic musician who conforms to the unwritten rules of IDM”. Romo continues "I'm a turntablist of sorts, and feel creating new music from snips of old is a true artform".

DJ Mr Romo has opened for such acts as the Grandmaster Flash, Modest Mouse, The Killers, Noonday Underground, Mr Scruff, The Anti-Pop Consortium, Velvet Indiana, and many others.