Orlando, Florida, USA
BandSpoken WordWorld

Take it too the stage is where we belong. Its with confidence you will agree we came with a professional sound and left with your resurrances its just matter of time all will feel the attitude of a band that shows it worthy your money and time.


Each member had a reputation prior to coming together as the Perfect Connection. We have played together with one objection to obtain your support. We understand the obligation we have as members of the band and the required efforts toward sucess. Our performance many said has to be seen to appreciate
"IsLand Spice"co- founders Mr "G",lead guitar/singer and"mrRST" key board/effects/singer. This dynamic duo decided to connet with Jimmy/3 tier drum master/female singer M's "B, backgroud singer M's Cc and became "The Perfect Connection".



Written By: Harry R Winslow

Why do mankind pretend the freedom they seek is not sin
The evidence has been made clear rainbow hasn't disappear its still here
You and me,we all face the test,a kingdom or death, that is the PROCESS
Rumors of war,terroist attack,humger,corruption,is that all you should fear
When will the end of death become a reality,do you care?
Without a pure loving spiritual heart and soul,what value is your mind
We all fall short,look at yourself,don't be afraid,what person are you to find
People pray and believe their way of life will never end
Creating for their children future a self distructive trend
Its not what we say we can do for one another,it what we do
Do unto others always how you would want others to do for you
Always a good Samaritan,does not include self praise to you
Honor come only by the conditions of the known ancient Golden Rule
The spoken word of long ago has came to require the worth that you are
White or Black,young or old,rich or poor,free or slave,near or far
The verdict has been written by more than one,what does that mean?
"Let thou will take place",is more creditable serious than "I have a dream."
Behavior of human society,fail to provide human race equalization
"Let His will take place",is a process,process of self elmination

Written By. Harry R Winslow
Copywrite: Afro Syndicate Music 09/23/2002