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Mr. Self Serve

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Music that any race on this earth can dance and relate to. Hit me up if you need more music :-D


I Love All Music, Rock, Raggae, Country. But Instrumental really gets me going.


Thys Ryte Here ft. Katt Williams

Written By: Robert A Daniel II

This ... ryte here is whut the world been missin
Im just tryna get a couple myspace friend requests
laugh if you wanna but the boi rap different
the money stack different they told me to kill it, Ay Katt talk to em

It's Pimp Pimp Pimpin, the boi Yung Midget
(standin on my money im tall as a double digit)
y'all be on the lookout
im finna squeeze the hood out the game like 100 fat chicks at a cookout
i gotta feeling its about to go down today
stop ya car in the middle of the street when you hear this party in the Usa
(ayy) but i aint talkin to the minors
Miley Cyrus money curve em like 3 commas
honest, i please girlfriends, babymommas
they throwin more curves than bananas
nicky manajers, real headknockers
play the role proper she oughta win an oscar
Promise I owe it the hoods out in hartford
to market something you don't hear often, Caution this ryte here

It's Pimp Pimp Pimpin, the boi never grow
Yung Midget on my doe, green giants whut I blow
park the cars in the ave, grab the city make a show
traffic aint passin til the whole world knows
cameras on the scene, get fresh for the action
9 o clock news Self Serve is whut happened
still whats goin on strong like a old man pill
til im done like an old man will
never tired like an old man feel
got a head on tight like a trojan (ill)
so tipical, the word play visible
shawtiis see my swag in the bag get physical
touch it feel it my ego identical
(to whut) my genitals, yeh call me cynical
block party in the middle of town
king of the radio, air me the crown cuz this hit ryte here...

It's Pimp Pimp Pimpin, the boi Yung Midget
switchin up the style like a dial on some big shit
Guess who guess who
yes yung bizzy
back with another one
still so silly
stupid music my
message is useless
they still wanna pay me so i do this, do this shit ryte here
this shit ryte here, yeah katt williams gettin rich this year
i hope cheating on the song aint a problem
50 made money off of the freeist thing round ya
now ya know ima go get doe
make a million tracks say the same thing til I blow
this shit ryte here this shit ryte here
oughta get a nigguh known im a genius with a goal
get a couple homies on tell the past life im gooooooone
...... then roll the future in a dutch and get blown


let em kno bruh

Myspace me .... Google me
Request me .... Love me

*SmokeBoyz MusIC*

Watch Me

Written By: Robert A Daniel II

watch me ... this aint no dance for the clubs, its for the trendsetters
watch me ... if you bout that life just have fun wit it

(now watch me) i do it proper
Mr. 860 rock like Popstar
northside all day I rep hartford
Mr. Hot Sauce spit jalapeno poppers
Im fire i bang like shotguns
got the block poppun, Mr. you dont want none
Swag, naw you aint got none
Mr. Self-Serve give it to you cuz I got some
(now watch me) binocular pradas
Mr. Fly Fresh in the Flesh Im Hot Stuff
No kool-aid Drinkin str8 vodka
4 more rounds ima turn it into my club
beast boi, doin my thang, music insane
headknocker showstoppa
Now watch me watch me focus on the gwap
Yung Bizzy get money round the clock yuhhhh

(wa-wa-watch me) like paparazzi
can't get enuff more shots than hockey
alcoholic find me where the cups be
drownin in the bottle so please dont stop me
im goin, the music done got me
bartender passin out jello like Cosby
Bill, throwin them real, you know that im chill
lookin thru them ARMANIS
(now watch me) i realli mean watch me
cuz now my head spinnin round like disc jockeys
im focused but tipsy in the process
tryna get looser than them chics that jock me
hey!! them haters gon spot me
but i aint even trippin like unlaced huraches
yeah!! i said the boi gettyn loose
im playin with that money like it came from monopoly//

(Now watch me) doin my thang
I usually dont let people into my brain
but damnit I change, im bout big money
married to the cash, yeh she my main
and im her man, we go so hard
Out in the public even in the car
my baby she a star, they kno who we are
you can see em takin flicks everywhere from a far, I let em jus
(watch me watch her) do our thang
so real you can touch us like a hand man
yuh, i make her do a handstand
at the same time give neck like hangman
got a fresh Wii in my jeans
ladies know i dont play no games bruss
spread wide take a picture with the cameruhs
im bout facebook that and make yo ass famous

ha ha it dont matter whut I say ...
they gon try to do whut i do but ...
it'll never be the same ...
so when they swAGjackin, its cuz they watchin ...

Touch Me

Written By: Robert Daniel II

BlaQ&Mild, BlaQ&Mild, RanDom Did It, Yung Bizzy

They want somethyn for the radio...(7x)

I'm (4x)

(I'm ritchy) so girls just wanna touch me//
they say i'm sexy, it's cuz they love me, trust me// (2x)
I Kno You Don'T KNow Me (But You Still Wanna Touch Me) (3x)
Baby I Dont KNo you but I Still Let you touch me, ME

1, 2, 3, 4
I get money, I get doe
But I don't need that for what's in store
How many girls tryna fit through the door?
5, 6, 7, 8
HELL NAW!! I ain't got much space
But Oh Boi, I Let em touch my face
rub my face, they love my face
Touch It, Bring It, Compu-ter-Love
Instant Message me a Group Hug
(Hi! My name Is) .... Who? What?
I don't need Your name, We just do, Us
To, The, Back of the chevy
Introduce you to Yung Bizzy if you let me
You ain't gottuh ACT SHY, you won't get an EMMY
Now let's JUMP OFF like a whole group of LEMMINGS!!
(What's That?) Video Game
Mariah Carey even made a video named
Touch My Body, Yup I'ma Hottie
Surrounded by strangers, I WANT MY MOMMY!!

J.K. (just kidding) It's the Pimpest of ALL
I really dont need to give my mom a call
but whats goin on? all these girls in the HALL
I can't see em ALL cuz I'm not that TALL
but I can see em ALL if they come to the BED THO
pull on my BRAIDS and play with my BED FRO
Strip down touch me, HEAD to my ELBOWS
Now tease me, touch me like TICKLE ME ELMO
Ha Ha Ha Ha Giggle Giggle Laugh
X-o-X-o Squiggles On A Pad
La La La, Keep singin THAT Rap
Now Touch It, Bring It, Wiggle THAT BACK
I Kno You Don'T KNow Me (But You Still Wanna Touch)
I Kno You Don'T KNow Me (But You Still Wanna Touch)
I Kno You Don'T KNow Me (But You Still Wanna Touch Me)
Baby I Dont KNo you but I Still Let you touch me, ME
I don't kno how that got into my head
Sounds like something that, Eminem said
Touch My Body, Yup I'ma Hottie
I Kno You Don'T KNow Me But, Still You Want Me

For you to touch me
caress and love me (Me, Me)
So why be funny? If you realli want me ...(Touch Me)
Can't Get Enuff (3X) (Touch Me)
I like it baby, Drive me crazy
(Touch Me) (4x)


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