Mrs. Esterhouse

Mrs. Esterhouse


Mrs. Esterhouse is a power trio, lead by singer/song writer and guitarist Jake Hollmann. Andrew Eguchi bangs the drums and Eric Henson shreds the low end. They're sound screams and is soaked with multiple time signatures, heavy riffs, creepy melodies and even creepier vocals, breaking new ground.


Hello, we are Mrs. Esterhouse. We have over thirty years rawking experience in these bands: Deosil, Bitch Machine, Volcano Sacrifice, the Decliners, NightCap, ATRC, Earth People, Therapist and some others which escape my memory. We kinda sound like TOOL and Joy Division with elements of Nirvana... but these are just what our fans have said. I think we are in a place musically that is very hard to categorize, which is bitchin. Jake's songwriting skills and vocals are flippin EPIC and the rhythm section is a tight domination factory. We met in Eugene OR while we were all attending the University of Oregon back in 2004, and we started a band called Therapist. After a year, we were forced to call it quits do to members moving to different towns. Now, after all of us has had much experience playing in a multitude of other bands, we found each other living in the same area and decided to spark up the old band and revive the glory. Now, we are Mrs. Esterhouse. A Hamms Metal Gold band.


We haven't had time to do studio recordings yet.

Set List

About 10 to 12 songs: Nosedive, Escapades, Climb, 4ever27, Move, A million, 9, Slow Motion, Plastic, Swimming in Alcohol, Vice, Toll and others... NO COVERS. Sets are 45 minutes to an hour.