Mr. Sho'Nuff

Mr. Sho'Nuff

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When the lights come on it's time for Mr. Sho'Nuff. You can feel the energy through his performance. His high energy is able to keep crowd attention and rocking throughout his set. With crowd participation and the good days of the MC and his DJ, Mr. Sho'Nuff is sure to set any stage on fire.


Who is the hottest up and coming producer/artist to step on the scene?
…...Oh, oh, I know, I know, it must be non other than “Mr. Sho’nuff”. SHO as he is sometimes called, has been fascinated with, and playing music since he was tall enough to reach the keyboard. “Coming from a musical family, I guess one can say it was an inherited trait”, says SHO. Priding himself on being creatively diverse when it comes to his style, SHO said he wants to be one of the few producers that can successfully produce for all genres of music. As a result, he has steadily been producing for the past five years for various artists, websites and independent films.
“Versa-style” is the best word to describe this phenomenal young man and the production chokehold he is going to put on the competition in the field of music. What are the elements that he uses when coming up with his sound? “It is actually quite simple, I just fuse skill, old school, new school, a kick, horns, bass and the secret ingredient ----a touch of Shonuff.”
“Mr. Shonuff” is currently developing and producing aspiring Atlantan artists as well as heading up Big Ben Entertainment, an independent entertainment company in which he co-founded. “I am preparing the universe for my reign”, says SHO. His ability to multi-task, be creative and stay focused keeps him ahead of the game in more ways than one. Diversity is not only his motto, it is his strategy….. as you will soon hear his musical style in a variety of genres from Soul-Fusion to rugged Hip Hop.
Along with being a creative mind behind the music, SHO is an extraordinary performer himself. He is ready, willing, and capable of setting a stage on fire with piercing lyrics, ear-shattering beats, and a high-energy stage show that leaves you………..ddddddddddazed! This dare-devil entertainer has shared the stage with a number of national artists.
Some of Sho’s musical influences include: Kiss, The Bar Kays, Timbaland, Dr. Dre, and DA Rockwilder, and Just Blaze..
SHO brings the heat to any track that he touches whether it is with his beats or his lyrical flow. "I’m here to make a statement in this music industry with profound beats, versatility and pure skill" says Mr. Sho’Nuff. With the talent, ambition and credits that he possesses, there is no doubt that he is going to reach and surpass his goal of being world renown for his skills and abilities.


The funk
Spit Game
Giddy up
Temper Tantrum

Set List

3 to 5 songs ranging from 1 1/2 minutes to 3 1/2 mins.
Intro - 0:30
Stay out my face 1:30
Can you 3:30
Come wit it 3:30
Outro - 0:30