Mrs. Kayla Freeman

Mrs. Kayla Freeman


I love to to praise and worship God in my own way! Gospel and Jazz are my favorite genres and that is what you will hear in my music! "Gospazz!" It is a joy in knowing and serving God and I want the world to know him as I do!


I have so many influences that I couldn't possibly name them all but my all-time favorites are: Vanessa Bell Armstrong, The infamous Clark Sisters, Mary Mary, Mahalia Jackson, Ella FItzgerald, Sara Vaughn, Billie Holiday, Faith Evans, Brandy Norwood, and the list goes on and on. I believe that the one thing that sets me apart from the current Gospel artists that are emerging today is that I am truly anointed! I am not saying that arrogantly but it is the truth! I am not trying to say that none of them aren't anointed either it's just that it seems as though they are trying too hard to be mainstream that the message of the Gospel, which is Jesus, is lost! I refuse to comform to what the world desires of my ministry. I am going to do what God has called me to do and that is praise and worship His name, heal the broken, encourage the saint, and compel the sinner to come to Him!! My story is somewhat familiar in that I sang my first public solo at two years old and I've been singing ever since! I began singing classical music at 14 and loved it but I knew that it was not what God had called me to do so, after my third year of college I began to focus more on my calling and here I am today! Like so many others, I come from a broken home, was abused (mentally, verbally) as a teenager and then I had an imortant encounter with God that changed my life forever! I realized that I was fearfully and wonderfully made and that I could no longer settle for less than the best. Yes, I made mistakes and did things that were contrary to God's will but that's what God's love is all about!! Yes, we fall, yes, we stumble but He is there to clean us off and stand us back up again and say I love you inspite of!


FREE, off of my debut project to be released Feb.11, is the single that is out right now. We do not currently have airplay but are working on getting that done this week.

Set List

FREE, Wait Until, Since the Day, Love Song. I believe that this covers about 20-30mins