MRSOE! (The Most RACES Show on Earth!)

MRSOE! (The Most RACES Show on Earth!)


MRSOE! is a multicultural stand-up comedy show that is FUNNY and EDGY that educates audiences about diversity and multiculturalism. Our goal is to show you that FUNNY IS FUNNY no matter what culture, creed or color you are!


MRSOE! is funny, edgy multicultural comedy featuring a diverse cast of stand-up comedians.

Since 2005, MRSOE! has become an international success with sold out shows in both Canada and the U.S. We have featured comedians from over 25 different ethnic backgrounds on our touring shows and are currently rotating various comedians in the Southeast.

Mia Jackson - African-American
Viet Huynh - Vietnamese
Landry - Jamaican
Noah Gardenswartz - Jewish
Neil Bansil - Filipino
Daniel Tirado - Polish/Peruvian
Clayton English - African-American
Rob Haze - African - American
Cory Fernandez - Puerto-Rican
Gina Brillon - Italian/Puerto-Rican

“The Most RACES Show on Earth! attests to the fact that stereotypes can be funny, at least when presented in the right light,” says, Neil Bansil, creator and producer. “Comedy is an art form that truly transcends racial divides. It’s no secret that on the surface we have our idiosyncrasies but ironically the more we realize our differences the more we are the same because we all laugh at the same things.”

A portion of the proceeds from each show will go towards the YWCA Stand Against Racism initiative.