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Clarence C Joseph BIO

Splittt Personality Bio Splittt Personality aka Clarence c Joseph, young and motivated reggae artist is releasing his debut CD “I’M NICE WITH IT”. This cd is Splittt Personality most creative and personalized cd, with his island accent and hip-hop beats it’s a new vibe that any reggae fan or hip-hop/ rap fans can relate too. Splittt grew up on the streets of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands the second youngest of seven children his house was always full of happiness and cheer.

During his child hood Splittt focus was boxing and school but during his school hours his peers and classmates referred to him as Rusty 22. In elementary school Rusty 22 was known for having a voice like Bounty Killa and lyrics that could shut down the house. Many classmates tried to battle with him, they made sure they talked about Rusty 22 poor life style, and his appearance but many witnessed Rusty 22 beating on his chest and firing back on his opponents with lyrics no one could have thought a kid could come up with.

Many school battles continued through middle school, making appearances in talent shows with over hundreds of people coming to witness his raw talent. Splittt Personality continues to practice defining his voice, changing his style, showing his brothers that they too could produce music if they practice. During his early high school years, Splittt continued to battle anyone that thought they could rhyme. One battle Rusty 22 remembers is free styling with a peer making jokes about his grandmother panty wearing self. The battle became violent, but due to years of boxing Rusty 22 quickly beat him down. With people watching and laughing Rusty 22 was threaten to be shot. Days later Splittt mother informed him they would be moving to New York.

Once Splittt reached the Big Apple his music career continued to spread while attending high school, lunchtime was music time, beating on lunch tables or on his chest Rusty 22 rehearsed songs that he wrote about life in St. Croix and the streets of New York. Déjà vu was happening all over again this time Splittt was well rehearsed and more hungry to make his name known. Splittt graduate from high school and joined the army. Meeting up others that were talented too, Rusty 22 went to several clubs, talent shows spreading his music and creating Crucial Crew with his best friend Angelou Smith, during his life journey Crucial Crew supported him and his music. From Fort Campbell, Kentucky Rusty 22 was transferred to Fort Carson, Colorado. Here Splittt meet up with one of his brothers they teamed up and began to make music together. Clubs owners knew Splittt and loved his music and were not hesitant to let him perform. Meeting up with producers and artist, Splittt music spread quickly across the springs. When Stanky leg boys came to perform, Splittt was also there to perform many fans knew him and was excited to see him. More reviews came when 96.1 the beat came across Splittt music and asked him to become a part of their hip-hop holiday cd, without any refusal Splittt dropped a track that was heard to over thousands of people.

Splittt Personality love for reggae has grown since his child hood days in St.Croix, VI. Reggae is his passion , and writing music is his talent when DMX came to Springs to put on a show Splittt was there dropping his Intro of “ Fresher Than Fresh ” and “ Mind your business” the crowd went wild screaming, yelling and jumping as if Splittt was the main act. His years of practicing rehearsing his tracks and smooth talent is ready for the next level, Splittt is ready and his debut Cd “ I’m Nice with It” will let anyone with an ear for talent know it will not be long before Splittt is on BET,MTV,VH1 etc.. Splittt Personality has arrived.