Mr Tim

Mr Tim

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I am a singer song writer: My style is folk rock / classic rock, some instrumental and some real life - for both the Gospel and the secular market. I have a five piece band called 'Mr Tim".


I've been a musician over 30 years and have been writing since my youth. I have finally been able to get my music down.
I have been in many bands over the years - predominantly Christian and also in the Church. My influence in writing has been world events and life lessons in general. I have a five piece band of professional musicians who are keen to help me promote my music. My songs are a story of my life and experiences - each one has a life message. My band members are all great musicians in their own right and are coming together to help me promote my music. (The samples are all my own work). I go for a real 'live' feel in the music I do, and on my album.


My CD is a sample at this stage and in the stage of final mastering - not yet released.