Brooklyn, New York, USA
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TruthCity is a rapper & songwriter (originally from Virginia) who lives in Brooklyn, NY. TruthCity’s intense, lifelong devotion to his craft was inspired by prolific and distinguished artists such as Jay-Z, Coldplay, Nas, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Andy Warhol. The once homeless emcee converts strangers to believers through his stories of struggle and perseverance. More recently he created two event series in New York City that spotlight upcoming artists. TruthCity wants everyone to win.


Born in the early 90s to a single mother in the US Military, Newport News, Virginia native Ronald "TruthCity" Evans has always dreamed about becoming an entertainer. As a child, Truth's inspiration stemmed from watching his mother perform at various engagements, subsequently discovering his own hidden talents, consisting of penning songs and rapping.


Inspired by prolific and distinguished artists such as Jay-Z, Nas, Coldplay, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol to solidify a career in the entertainment industry. During adolescence, Truth made the painstaking decision to leave college before completion, subsequently moving to New York to pursue his musical career.


Living a mostly nomadic lifestyle, he found refuge working menial jobs during the day and sleeping on couches and in the back of restaurants during the night. Becoming immensely competitive, Truth honed his skills by rigorously participating in numerous competition and talent shows nationwide. He first gained significant attention in 2006 after opening for Boyz II Men and Faith Evans, as well as Fantasia and Lil Wayne in 2007. In 2009, Truth further materialized his burgeoning career by appearing on BET's 106 & Park's Wild Out Wednesday and even securing the 1st place winner's title at BET's Blaze The Stage.


Truth continued to progressively excel, penning songs for the Inkredibles from 2009 -2010, obtaining a publishing deal with Undisputed Ent. Inc from 2010 - 2011. Truth has since opened for Fabolous and performed numerous venues in NY such as SOBs, DROM, Webster Hall and more. In May of 2015, Truth released his first free album release "The Prologue" and has packed out clubs and bars across New York. TruthCity is renowned for his unique artistry and eclectic taste, as reflected in his music. Critics have hailed him the future of the new school. TruthCity, the artist and the brand can't only be measured by his talent in the pop, urban, alternative and hip-hop markets as a singer, rapper and songwriter, but is unquestionably professional with a distinct sound, style and image that both recording and performing artist can only dream to possess


While You Were Sleeping - February 2017 (2nd Studio Album)

  1. Dreams (prod. by Keanu)
  2. The City (prod. by ADOTTHEGOD)
  3. Alone (feat. Christina Renee) (prod. by ADDOTHEGOD)
  4. While You Were Sleeping (prod. by Gummy Beatz)
  5. We Up (prod. by Pilot Beats)
  6. The Family (Extended Version) (prod. by Yung Lan)
  7. Get Rich (Prod. By King Leeboy)
  9. Commitment (feat. Kita P) (prod. by Nate Rhoads)
  10. Changes II (feat. Paul Gee & Sahlence) (prod. by ADOTTHEGOD)
  11. Happiness (prod. by Prime Beats)
  12. Consistency (prod. by Da Headcutta)
"A Matter Of Time" January 2017 feat. Brittany Campbell (Prod. By RicandThadeus) (Single)

"Everything Black" feat. No Suh Foster & Wordspit The Illest (Prod. By YL On Dem 808s) November 2016 (Single)

The Prologue
 - May 2015 (1st Studio Album)
  1. The Prologue (Prod. By Mr. Kooman)
  2. New Day Freestyle (Prod. By June G)
  3. A Gooood Night (Prod. By John Coleman)
  4. Summertime (Prod. By Golden Day)
  5. Bad Girls (Prod. By Kajimir)
  6. Ghetto House Party (Prod. By ADOTHEGOD)
  7. A Dedication (Prod. By Syphon Beatz)
  8. The Wise (Prod. By RicandThadeus)
  9. I Don't Wanna Sell Weed No More (Prod. By Don P)
  10. 1 Day...(Interlude) (Prod. By Chemist)
  11. Evening Freestyle (Prod. By Street Empire)
  12. Till We On (Prod. By RicandThadeus)
  13. Mi Amigos (Prod. By Superstar O)
  14. Ain't Thinkin' Bout U (Prod. By So Focused)
  15. Bugatti Wishes/ Changes (Prod. By Melrose Zee & YuccBeats)
  16. Outro (Prod. By IAmDG)

Set List



"While You Were Sleeping"

"We Up"

"Everything Black"

"Get Rich"

"The Family"