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Brooklyn, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Brooklyn, NY | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter




"[Interview] Get Inspired By This Personal Conversation With TruthCity"

Ronald Evans better known as TruthCity, rapper originally from Virginia based in New York City has been putting in work for years on end, and came to the city to make his dreams come true. He has been through struggles, and has always made the most out of what he has and continues to grind endlessly.

His last album, The Prologue was released two years ago and today TruthCity released his sophomore album, While You Were Sleeping. He doesn’t wait around for something to happen, he goes and gets it, and not only that, he surrounds himself with like minded individuals to help build each other up; creating every single day and hustling hard. All around an amazing person, he makes music to get those through their every day life struggles and motivates others into believing in their dreams.

I got the chance to speak with him about his brand, him as an artist, his new album, and more.

Check out the interview below and get inspired. - Hot Freestyle

"[Interview] Part I: TruthCity Takes Everything As Inspiration and Nothing For Granted"

TruthCity is back. If you’re a fan of the Virginia-born rapper, you’ll know that his second album, While You Were Sleeping, was released a few weeks’ ago. The follow-up to The Prologue shows a level of raw emotion we’ve seen glimpses of, but with a depth of self-awareness that shows personal and artistic growth. For an artist who has always been honest (as his name suggests) but is known for more upbeat tracks, the album signals a departure from this sound and towards a richer, more intense relationship with words and the music that accompanies them.

We sat down just before the album came out to talk about his story, his incredibly strong work ethic, creating the record and where he sees himself in the future. You can read his words for yourself, but what seems abundantly clear is that TruthCity’s faith in God, himself, his friends and family is unwavering. He is motivated by everyone and inspired by everything; nothing is a barrier and everything is a challenge. If someone so talented can keep this frame of mind, then success is on the very near horizon. - Upcoming Hip Hop

"[Interview] TruthCity interviewed by Lil Wayne's social media manager"

TruthCity sat down with Young Money's digital director Jason Polluck to talk about his new album, motivation, his mother and more! - Runnin Wit It

"[Feature] On The Rise: TruthCity Drops a New Visual for "The Family""

Virginia-native TruthCity is back with a brand new video for his single “The Family“. TruthCity is originally from the VA, yet he continues to shine throughout New York City. The song was produced by Yung Lan and the video was directed by FX.

“A legacy has to be protected. And with success comes naysayers, doubters and even people who want to see you fail. “The Family” is a declaration of power. A battle cry for the hardworking and an anthem for those with something to prove,” TruthCity said. Take a look at the official video for “The Family” below: - The Source

"[Feature] "Everything Black" TruthCity WordSpit & NoSuh"

East New York’s Wordspit makes his grand return as 2016 slowly comes to a close.

Today, Wordspit and No Suh Foster join Bad News, Virginia’s TruthCity for a pro-Black anthem, “Everything Black” as racial tensions ramp up further following Trump’s Presidential election win. “Everything Black” will appear on TruthCity’s upcoming While You Were Sleeping project. - 2DopeBoyz

"[Feature] "Everything Black" TruthCity WordSpit NoSuh"

Racial relations are at a fever pitch. The music is representative of that if you get off these corny, agenda-based websites that make you think there’s nothing other than goofy rappers out there. So enter TruthCity’s “Everything Black.” The song is remarkable. It oozes what you are feeling, but may be too scared to post on Facebook. No Suh Foster and Wordspit support this politically charged, furiously barbed song. Shout out to YL On Dem 808s for the sonic contribution. - All HipHop

"[Feature] "The Family" Music Video - TruthCity"

A legacy has to be protected by TruthCity. And with success comes naysayers, doubters and even people who want to see you fail. “The Family” is a declaration of power. A battle cry for the hardworking. And an anthem for those with something to prove. - TeamBackPack

"[Feature] TruthCity Crafts An Album For Following Your Dreams With “While You Were Sleeping”"

Dreams have consumed my life for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid I used to daydream about what my life would be as an adult. In elementary and middle school I pictured myself in the NBA playing alongside Vince Carter, Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady, and more. As a high schooler I thought I was going to be anchoring SportsCenter, making witty hip-hop references alongside Stuart Scott, Scott Van Pelt, and others. Once I made it to college I became infatuated with radio and thought I was going to be on-air at a hip-hop station in Atlanta after I graduated. As you can tell, none of these things happened for me. These dreams have prepared me for the one I’ve been chasing for the last couple years: working in the music industry. - JoeHovasMF

"[Feature] TruthCity's ‘While You Were Sleeping"

Following your dreams comes with a price. It tests the loyalty of friends, and breaks you down mentally and emotionally. Being able to see the lesson in every hardship is essential to growth and TruthCity's 'While You Were Sleeping' is the embodiment of that ideal. The once homeless emcee tells a tale of struggle and triumph and gives his audience the strength they need to keep going. - This Is 50

"[Feature] TruthCity - While You Were Sleeping"

TruthCity is a rapper & songwriter (originally from Virginia) who lives in Brooklyn, NY.

'While You Were Sleeping' is his debut album. A record which perfectly reflects his struggle and perseverance of being an emerging artist. - Ill-Ville

"[Feature] Artist of the Week TruthCity"

TruthCity, rapper, songwriter from Virginia was featured as Artist of the Week for his amazing 16 track album, The Prologue. I honestly felt obligated to make TruthCity Artist of the Week. Although it was released about 9 months ago, you'll understand why I just have to talk about it, once you listen to The Prologue. Truth showcases several of his talents on The Prologue with his meaningful lyrics, dope freestyles, and his singing. It appears there are no features on The Prologue at all. So you get a better vibe from TruthCity as an artist. If you've ever been through any type of struggle The Prologue will mean more to you than just another album. TruthCity claims he is "here to make the soundtrack to your struggle" and he is definitely doing that. Truth's lyrics paint a picture for you of what it's like living his life. Not shying away from his morals and values you'll hear Truth speak on his financial struggles, his faith, growth, his family, the importance of living your life for YOU, and so much more. A Gooood Night is the perfect song to play for the next generation. Truth speaks on wanting more graduates and less drug dealers as well as not being superficial and caught up in your appearance. Truth's lyrics are full of lessons that you can't help but nod your head to and agree with. Truth has a track titled Summertime and you hear how well Truth composed this song; there's kids playing in the background, instruments playing, and Truth rapping as if he's telling a story to the younger generation. The lyrics of Summertime will certainly have you reminiscing on your childhood summers and remind you of how important it is to just enjoy life. I noticed TruthCity used a different producer on almost every song except one. Using different producers gives The Prologue a different vibe the more you listen. Whether it's motivation, reassurance, just chilling, partying, or teaching you something, the Prologue will undoubtedly give you a different energy in every song. - I Can't Call It a Blog

"TruthCity "The Prologue" (EP)"

I always take a look to the artist’s life that I write of, and I find it really nice to read up on particular facts that changed their minds or better, their lives. Every time I see that one of them also reached his/her main goals, it becomes a pleasure for me to listen to them and put down a review. This is the case of Ronald “TruthCity” Evans, born in the early 90s to a single mother in Virginia. He has always dreamed of becoming an entertainer, inspired by the most famous artistic icons of the international scene, from Jay-Z to Andy Warhol (Rest In Peace).

After leaving college, he moved to NYC to pursue his musical career, gaining notoriety thanks to competitions and talent shows. This is his brand new EP, “The Prologue”, synonymous with something that introduces a prolific career, possibly, I assume. It also serves as the introduction to his upcoming album “Jetpacks & Chucks”, which is to be released this fall. Anyway it carries to an extreme the protean, fragmented musical approach that TruthCity favors, and on the whole the work is really interesting. - RealTalkHipHop

"TruthCity - Something Waiting (Video)"

Virginia up-and-comer TruthCity dropped a free EP earlier this year, entitled The Prologue. Now, he follows with the release of a visual to the cut "Something Waiting". In the Brian Mars-directed clip, shot in Marine Park, the rapper sits on the water as he dreams about love, success, and the future... because he knows something's ahead.

The Prologue EP is out now, available for free download at or

Also, follow TruthCity on Twitter @MrTruthCity and on Facebook.

Read more: - BallerStaus

"TruthCity Receives 5/5 Album Review Score"

UpcomingHipHop's own I.S. Jones reviews TruthCity's debut album "The Prologue" - UpcomingHipHop


While You Were Sleeping - February 2017 (2nd Studio Album)

  1. Dreams (prod. by Keanu)
  2. The City (prod. by ADOTTHEGOD)
  3. Alone (feat. Christina Renee) (prod. by ADDOTHEGOD)
  4. While You Were Sleeping (prod. by Gummy Beatz)
  5. We Up (prod. by Pilot Beats)
  6. The Family (Extended Version) (prod. by Yung Lan)
  7. Get Rich (Prod. By King Leeboy)
  9. Commitment (feat. Kita P) (prod. by Nate Rhoads)
  10. Changes II (feat. Paul Gee & Sahlence) (prod. by ADOTTHEGOD)
  11. Happiness (prod. by Prime Beats)
  12. Consistency (prod. by Da Headcutta)
"A Matter Of Time" January 2017 feat. Brittany Campbell (Prod. By RicandThadeus) (Single)

"Everything Black" feat. No Suh Foster & Wordspit The Illest (Prod. By YL On Dem 808s) November 2016 (Single)

The Prologue
 - May 2015 (1st Studio Album)
  1. The Prologue (Prod. By Mr. Kooman)
  2. New Day Freestyle (Prod. By June G)
  3. A Gooood Night (Prod. By John Coleman)
  4. Summertime (Prod. By Golden Day)
  5. Bad Girls (Prod. By Kajimir)
  6. Ghetto House Party (Prod. By ADOTHEGOD)
  7. A Dedication (Prod. By Syphon Beatz)
  8. The Wise (Prod. By RicandThadeus)
  9. I Don't Wanna Sell Weed No More (Prod. By Don P)
  10. 1 Day...(Interlude) (Prod. By Chemist)
  11. Evening Freestyle (Prod. By Street Empire)
  12. Till We On (Prod. By RicandThadeus)
  13. Mi Amigos (Prod. By Superstar O)
  14. Ain't Thinkin' Bout U (Prod. By So Focused)
  15. Bugatti Wishes/ Changes (Prod. By Melrose Zee & YuccBeats)
  16. Outro (Prod. By IAmDG)



Born in the early 90s to a single mother in the US Military, Newport News, Virginia native Ronald "TruthCity" Evans has always dreamed about becoming an entertainer. As a child, Truth's inspiration stemmed from watching his mother perform at various engagements, subsequently discovering his own hidden talents, consisting of penning songs and rapping.


Inspired by prolific and distinguished artists such as Jay-Z, Nas, Coldplay, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol to solidify a career in the entertainment industry. During adolescence, Truth made the painstaking decision to leave college before completion, subsequently moving to New York to pursue his musical career.


Living a mostly nomadic lifestyle, he found refuge working menial jobs during the day and sleeping on couches and in the back of restaurants during the night. Becoming immensely competitive, Truth honed his skills by rigorously participating in numerous competition and talent shows nationwide. He first gained significant attention in 2006 after opening for Boyz II Men and Faith Evans, as well as Fantasia and Lil Wayne in 2007. In 2009, Truth further materialized his burgeoning career by appearing on BET's 106 & Park's Wild Out Wednesday and even securing the 1st place winner's title at BET's Blaze The Stage.


Truth continued to progressively excel, penning songs for the Inkredibles from 2009 -2010, obtaining a publishing deal with Undisputed Ent. Inc from 2010 - 2011. Truth has since opened for Fabolous and performed numerous venues in NY such as SOBs, DROM, Webster Hall and more. In May of 2015, Truth released his first free album release "The Prologue" and has packed out clubs and bars across New York. TruthCity is renowned for his unique artistry and eclectic taste, as reflected in his music. Critics have hailed him the future of the new school. TruthCity, the artist and the brand can't only be measured by his talent in the pop, urban, alternative and hip-hop markets as a singer, rapper and songwriter, but is unquestionably professional with a distinct sound, style and image that both recording and performing artist can only dream to possess

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