Mr Uptown

Mr Uptown

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New Songwriter/Producer/Artist/Actor coming straight out the borough that started it all (bronx). His passion for the Hip Hop game has elevated his skills over the years to finally put on good classic music with his own twist. He states that he is a game changer and isn't looking for a short stay.


Hot Rod aka Mr Uptown, started rhyming back in 1993 with the help of his older cousin Teddy White. The two had inspiration from artist like Snoop and Doctor Dre, Jay-z, and believe it or not wild tracks from Busta Rhymes. The to started two groups called Ineffect and Showgunz but went know where because of lack of direction in the music industry. The group separated, but Mr Uptown was still willing to make it big and wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps making songs and producing tracks.Mr Uptown started producing tracks with the help of Arizona Slim and Jay day childhood friends that was determine to get their sounds out. At least one person from this group made it big (Arizona Slim) was free lancing for Murder INC Music. Mr Uptown still keeps his hopes up that there was a place in hip hope for him. Mr Uptown is now determined to make his own tracks and compose his own album and test the waters.The game is always open for new players..


"New Money " Single 2013