Mr Wednesday

Mr Wednesday


Mr Wednesday write and perform CONCEPT BASED MUSIC. Their experiments with sounds and lyrics aim to represent the inner thoughts of a person’s mind. The result is an understated yet powerful combination of ART and MUSIC that acts as a soundtrack to both the real and unreal.


Mr Wednesday's fusion of rich junkyard percussion, electronic beats, textured synthesizer/samples, ethereal vocals and neurotically treated guitars provide the perfect playground for the imagination.

The five piece are self-proclaimed mood cultivators. They continue to refine the difficult craft of expressing and presenting ideas, thoughts and feelings through their unique concept based electronic art-rock music.

A beautifully layered wall of sound, moody and evocative wasteland music, a journey for the senses, music to get lost in, are just a few ways one might describe Mr Wednesday’s sound.

The band have recently finished recording their debut full length concept album at John Reynold’s Studios, Adelaide. Co-produced by Matt Hills, the album explores the mental journey of a fictional character ‘Mr Industry’ as he goes about his daily routine within an imaginary corporate controlled city. Mr Wednesday will be releasing the album in May 2006.

Mr Wednesday's live performances are enhanced through the use of a fully integrated video and visual show.

- Winner Best Band Category 2004 dB Magazine Awards
- Nominee Best Band Category 2005 dB Magazine Awards
- 2004 Fuse Festival Showcase
- 2004 Adelaide Fringe Festival
- 2004 Melbourne Fringe Festival
- 2006 Adelaide Fringe Festival

Performed with: Caribou (CANADA) The Winks (CANADA) Gerling (NSW) Endorphin (NSW), Little Birdy (WA), The Red Paintings (Qld), The Restless (VIC), 1QA (VIC) Laura (VIC) Heligoland (VIC), This is your captain speaking (VIC)

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The Garden where Parties Grow - to be released in May 2006

Recorded Laughter Demo - Released 2004

Set List

Set can be adjusted to suit the events time restriction.

In The Garden Where Parties Grow
Spare Sky For Miles
The Cargo Doors Have Requested our Co-operation
Tail of Day One
Falling In Numbers
Pooka Endures the Daylight Hours
Towers like Candles
The Wall Where the World Once Ended
Wrong Tonight
Enterprizing Midday Agreement
I Get in Around this time Each Night

Optional Songs:
So Happy Yet So Out of Breath
You Saw it Coming