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Wood$' unique flows, songwriting,showmanship,&wordplay seamlessly blend with hiphop,r&b,reggae,pop and world music mixtures for his debut LP C.E.O.(Mar'08). Edgy, cleverly catchy,fearless yet responsible overall content provide the soundtrack to memorialize 2008.


MR. W.O.O.D.$
Determination, drive, immeasurable talent and an unsurpassed dedication to becoming a superstar performer and songwriter are the characteristics possessed by Mr. Wood$. It’s the combination of these characteristics that have the Far Rockaway/Queens, New York native now residing in Charlotte, North Carolina on the brink of stardom with his first single Sex Me from his forthcoming debut album Conquer Every Obstacle.

Diallo “Mr. Wood$” Edmond started out dancing and rapping at an early age, “I had raps to Fisher Price music, I always knew I would be an entertainer” he often jokes. As a teenager he was a member in a local rap group named Filthy Rich which put out a series of mix tapes. Diallo was the standout, known for overdoing it lyrically and providing his listeners with outlandish visuals he chose the name Woods also an acronym for ‘world of over doing shh’. As his popularity grew locally, he began to compose solo songs that were so well received he embarked on a solo career.

In 1999 one of Mr.Wood$’ songs “No Vultures” a rebuttal rap to TLC’s smash hit ‘No Scrubs’ was discovered by DJ Funkmaster Flex and he was enlisted to pen a ‘less harsh’ song with rap group Sporty Thieves. The hit song “No Pigeons” was the outcome, the single shot up the charts and landed at number one on the billboard charts where it rested for six consecutive weeks and was certified gold. Although mainstream media sang the praises of the group signed to Columbia the streets were buzzing for the mystery guest who rhymed on the street edit in a raspy voice “Greet your highness, Queens finest, gleam shiners, 3 clip street fighters, deep dish jeep riders, Outlandish in the expanded Rover…” A few months later music mogul and Southern hip hop pioneer Master P was featured in a television commercial for soft drink giant Pepsi Cola. While Master P was the face of the commercial, it was Mr. Wood$’ voice and lyrics that captured the attention of the audience. When McDonalds introduced their now famed Dollar Menu it was the voice of Mr. Wood$ that rhymed the menu in its commercials. He then worked with AV8 Records for a white label remix of “You Know What’s Up” by Donnell Jones which had some regional success. He was being courted by some of the top record executives in New York City but bitterness about the way No Pigeons was handled, unwillingness to change his content to reflect a more thug mentality and inexperience in the music business all but derailed any chance of securing a deal at the time. Wood$ determined to do it on his own went to the lab, moved his whole family to Charlotte and decided to start his own company so he could create the universal sound that he intended to deliver all along.

Over the last few years he continued to be a student of hip hop and the music business all while continuing to do commercials for local and regional businesses. In 2005 his collaboration with Olivia then of G-Unit Records was leaked locally and he opened for everybody from Young Jeezy to Rick Ross to Fantasia. But it was his performance with Keyshia Coles that landed him on the Touch the Sky world tour as Keyshia’s hype man/personal assistant/stageshow producer and opener. He has the uncanny ability to captivate any crowd, any size, anywhere and has been dubbed “the Voice” for his command of the audience.

Mr. Wood$, has a uniqueness that commands the ear of his listeners. But it’s not just his lyrics, songwriting, his penchant for penning hot hook lines, his incredible voice, flow, or delivery that will fill the void for music lovers that thirst for true hip-hop, but it’s his honesty and love for the art form in its entirety that the people will recognize as real. “It’s my time now but instead of talking murder this and murder that for street credibility I’ll focus on phenomenal songs, creating sonically good music… I’ll mix it up with party, concept songs, I’ll share tragedies, positive content and still give it that mass appeal. And the album will still have continuity from intro to outro both conceptually and sonically because that’s the culture, that’s real life. Real life is Outlandish!”

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For more information & Booking Contact:
Aqua Management Inc.
5821 Fairview Rd Suite 209
Charlotte NC 28209
Rhasaan Aquadiah (704) 225-3701

Outlandish Entertainment:
Martin Moore (973) 864-4122


Sex Me

Written By: Mr. Wood$

Sex Me

I thought I’d let you know, before we move and get too close
What we do behind closed doors, should be kept between you and I
Baby what we do tonight…
Girl I’m gonna sex you right
And make you want me.

They say that sex sells,
I guess I’m going platinum
Quicker than crack sales, once I throw this cock at em
Back spasms orgasms phantasm, got them locked like prison off the jism
Baby girl I hope your listening
clit sizzling spine tingling
Sixty ninen while I’m rhyming
Want the furs and diamonds strange things occur while I’m grinding
Cat purred once I hit the hymen
Latex the lining safe sex but wildin, got me bustin off like 8 techs so violent
French kisses 101 positions,
doggy style like Dalmations
fuck masturbation
Lyrical laceration, pitiful, penetration,
Critical once you feel the whole sensation of my york peppermint
The boss from ever since,
got that ass sore this crash course is leavin' dents
Ha…Its so intense!


The kama sutra
come let me soothe ya
sex super
Breaking sweats like Kunta
Kente, leavin you dizzy like Kizzy
More horse power than v-twizzys when I toss this tower up in ya kitty
I kid ya not
let me hit them spots
get my dick rock
like them rings ya got
Gleam gleaming,
my semen
would have you day dreaming
Now your comatosed, W-doubleO D got that ass overdosed
Dope medicine
now your ready to cum
when I lace this track
Your placed on your back trembling,
given u all my balls like wimbeldon
While your man stands on the wall like simpleton
I Like em
thick or slim
strictly tens,
raw hard to the core like lil Kim
While I’m caressing
your butta soft skin
got you soft spoken
My Woods would make you scream just from the motion
Lets get the stroking!

Now this right here gon be our little secret,
between the two of us thats how we gon keep it…
undercover we stay, secret lovers that way
they just won’t know about,
how we be hanging out

Woodster the pussy crusher,
sistas we love to love ya


No Pigeons with Sporty Thieves-1999-AV8
You Know What's Up(rmx)-2000-AV8
Streetmade-2001-12" white label
Bizzounce with Olivia(rmx)-2003-white label
So Hood (mixtape classic)-2005
Da Jump Off featuring Olivia-2005-Outlandish Entertainment
Changed My Mind (unofficial rmx) with Keyshia Coles-2005
Sex Me b/w Green With Envy(single)-2007-Outlandish Records
C.E.O. (March 2008)...Debut Album of the Decade!!!

Set List

So Hood
Sex Me
Gutta Girls
Green With Envy
Change Gon Come
set is usually 15 minutes-25 minutes