Mr Xquisit

Mr Xquisit

 Long Beach, California, USA
BandHip HopPop

Very Eclectic And Unique Blend Of HipHop, Reggae And Pop Music.


Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Mr.Xquisit is truly unique. His sound, his delivery and his style really draws no comparisons other than..This boy is good! Growing up in one of the most dangerous and impoverished cities in the world, enables him to connect with the struggles of the working class and express it through his lyrics.
His relocation to Seattle as a kid sparked his new love of Hip -Hop allowing him to combine his influences drawing inspiration from legendary reggae artists such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and dancehall greats Shabba Ranks to LL Cool J, Jay Z and Tupac thus creating an undeniably commercial mass appeal which results in a rather pleasing execution of verses..nouns and verbs...Making him very Xquisit!
Graduating from the prestigious Lakeside High School, he relocated to Los Angeles to continue his music career while attending Occidental College where he studied Sociology, History, and Music Theory. He boasts an extensive catalog of original recordings, with three mixtapes (the 1st being "The Most High, to be released in March 2011)and an EP scheduled to be released this year the hard workaholic is as original as the music he writes and produces
Due to his sex appeal and style, he has appeared and featured in print ads, TV commercials and fashion shows his music
says OC Weekly's Erin DeWitt "Is an autobiographical epic"
He has been featured on radio across the country and around the world, most recently, the Playboy Radio Morning Show with over 5 million viewers daily.
Mr Xquisit is undoubtedly poised for music greatness. Now available on Itunes and all digital outlets


So Cali
The Most High Mixtape