Ms. america

Ms. america

Hillsdale, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Hillsdale, New Jersey, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Punk






Ms. America is a newcomer on the slacker scene, from the other side of the Hudson River (it's called New Jersey!!!). After a first EP released in 2014 called Be My Friends, Ms.america
comes to make this end of the year 2017 release. An ode to punk rock and the cheesy, dumb, dorky, they aim to please the not guilty lovers of the Beer Helmet. To Oblivion And Beyond, her first
LP, magnifies American culture in a way that the simple-minded Europeans see it: trashy and silly, just looking for permanent fun. So, let's play Ms. America.

With To Oblivian and Beyond, we are immersed in a game of football. "Sillious" presents the teams, and lights the spotlights on the voice of Carl Battista. The slacker band is ready in the stands,
it will go fast, it will hit hard, it will be sensual. "Goofball" is up next and it logically re-enforces that the voice is the signature hallmark of the group. The whistle is thrown in the air
while the Ms. America punk style attests to a will that rubs up againts the greatest of the years 2010. To close the introductory "Movin 'Around" comes in a little lighter with a catchy quasi-romantic feel.

Because this article is being published on a Friday, it will be necessary to make good use of "Natures Miracle" this weekend. Ms. America leaves no doubt about her love of the Fidlar scene.
This album is fun confronted with 1000% of entertainment. Falling right in the relm of what David Foster Wallace describes of his Infinite Comedy "It is necessary to consume "cartridges of entertainment".
The cartridge is even more loaded with "Taigs", Highly-charged pulling twoards the Bass Drum of Death side of things - or is it The Knack? Reguardless it does the job perfectly. "Ode to Dracula", finally, gives this album what
it deserves, a big sound a little trashy. The arrangements are good, which complicates the game a bit, with the New Jersey Dracula in the lead 12 to 10 over New York Exorcists.

"Sportsworld" picks up the general theme as I use this opportunity to slip in my little digression Pavement. I am often asked why I describe these guys as the best group in the world? and for this I have multiple answers.
One merit here to be considered is Pavement is the first group to have merged the Quarterback of the university sports team with the cool musician, a little hippies and / or
drug addict. That's also the case for the movie Everybody Wants Some !! transcribed perfectly back in 1980. Unfortunitly the alliance is not made as Pavement appears only in 1990's, a time where culture shock was at a low.
In any case, you will understand that Ms. America was impossible without Pavement.

"Misfit" is a tribute to the a forementioned group, it is mean and collected. "Either Way" takes the roads of pop, playing right into the American Great Culture: the neons illuminate the ground, the popcorn flying galore and the
cheerleaders flying in the air. "Phaser Into You" then focuses the action on the game in a way that it begins to leave some after effects. To Oblivion And Beyond might just be the most varied album of the year. We hardly
get tired of this style which is igrained in the D.N.A. of Rock. "Summertime Downer" comes in next to reminds us that we are closing in on the last few minuts of the game. "Mamasita" is the latest touch, the iceing on the cake,
and Shady Lane's pompom.

In the end, To Oblivion And Beyond is a very good slacker album that we can register alongside Audacity & co. The melodies are sometimes seventies, the performance is certainly 2010s and the spirit is Made in the USA
With these twelve pieces, Ms. America is hoisted where it wanted to be, do I, I dare say that I would like to be reincarnated as a quarterback. Long live the slacker, long live the United States and long live Ms. America!

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Be my friends EP - 2014

To oblivion and beyond LP- 2017



Ms. America is an Alternative/Punk band from Hillsdale NJ. The band was started by four longtime friends Matt Giunta, Carl Battista, Andrew Jenkins, and Erik Jenkins. The four became friends in middle school and shared musical and artistic aspirations. They adopted a DIY ethic while playing throughout high school and their after. In 2014 through a cloud of smoke and teenage angst Ms.America was born. We started to write songs and perform at clubs and college radio stations throughout the tri state area. In 2014 after having written numerous song Ms.America recorded their first EP entitled "Be My Friends". Shortly after the Release of their Debut EP Ms.america went into an unfortunate Hiatus. That was until 2016 when Ms.America reunited, this time with a much more serious and driven attitude. After a lot of hard work Ms.America released their first full length LP entitled "To Oblivion and Beyond" which was released on all major streaming platforms. After a few ups and down Ms.america recorded their first studio album in February of 2019. We are currently looking for a Record label to release our album under and hope to have it released soon. 

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