Ms. Dria Featuring: M.C.A.D.E
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Ms. Dria Featuring: M.C.A.D.E

Miami, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Miami, Florida, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Hip Hop




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The singer and performer known as Ms. Dria has released her latest EP, “Turn It Up.” The track has been published on the 4-Sight Entertainment music label, originally famous for inspiring records by such popular names as Jermaine Dupree, YMCMB (Cash Money), Master P., and for beginning the career of such artists as Usher. In addition to the considerable talents of Ms. Dria, the track features performances by Lil Jose, Jeff Foxx, and M.C. A.D.E. Upbeat, full of bass and groove, and above all, powerfully fun, “Turn It Up” by Ms. Dria is one of the most intriguing new hip-hop tracks to appear in recent years.

Ms. Dria cites as main artistic influences such legends as Drake, Missy Elliot, Wale, Lauryn Hill, and M.C. A.D.E., himself, who in addition to performing on the EP also happens to be Dria's own father, son of 4-Sight Ent. founder Billy Hines. Dria's sound on “Turn It Up” is natural, heavy-hitting and full of youthful verve, everything fans of southern hip hop can want in a party track.

Speaking of the message of her new EP, Ms. Dria writes, “That everyone goes through life's trials and tribulations, ups and downs, but no matter what you have been through (or maybe still going through) just know that as long as you have breath in your body, you can make your mark in life; hence, Ms. Dria can still color the world.”

This is the optimism and joyful strength with which listeners are first confronted upon hearing the record. It is lighthearted, uplifting, action-packed and explosively creative. Unlike much of the hurried and dispassionate urban productions which are pushed out the factory door today, “Turn It Up” is a modern masterpiece and reminder of the big, big sound which made hip hop a notable genre to begin with more than 30 years ago.

Particularly notable regarding the release of Ms.Dria's “Turn It Up” is the involvement of Ms. Dria's father, M.C. A.D.E. (M.C. Adrian Does Everything). Commonly credited as the innovator of Miami bass music, his 1985 single, “Bass Rock Express” is typically considered the first example of the popular style. Scores of Miami-bass tracks have been produced since that time, each of them borrowing from the original track by M.C. A.D.E. The sudden, unannounced resurfacing of M.C. A.D.E. has made a media ripple through hip-hop radio stations across America, giving “Turn It Up” much well-deserved attention.

“Turn It Up” by Ms. Dria is available online worldwide. Get in early, hip-hop fans., - S. McCauley


HHO: Introduce yourself to the fans.

Ms. Dria: I am Ms. Dria

HHO: How did your artist name come about?

Ms. Dria: I was always quite the little lady, so they
called me Ms. Dria since my name is Adria.

HHO: Where are you from?

Ms. Dria: Miami

HHO: Who were your musical influences growing up?

Ms. Dria: Artistic influences such legends as Missy
Elliot, Lauryn Hill, and M.C. A.D.E.

HHO: What hip-hop albums did you grow up listening to?

Ms. Dria: MisEudation of Lauryn Hill, Take
Care by Drake, Scandlust by Emcee Cooler, Aint No Thang like the Game by
M.C.A.D.E, TI Trap Music & Urban Legend

HHO: What is the current single/project that you are promoting?

Ms. Dria: Turn it UP is my single and No filter is my mix tape

HHO: How did the record come about?

Ms. Dria: Me and my crew just were inspired and wanted to
make something turnt up so we made TURN IT UP!

HHO: What would be your dream collaboration with any rapper or producer?

Ms. Dria: Drake

HHO: Are you currently touring or have any upcoming shows?

Ms. Dria: Yes, been doing a lot of shows and you can keep up with all my shows at

HHO: How is the response from your fans & djs been?

Ms. Dria: Excellent they fill like I bring something totally different to the game that really entertains the people.

HHO: What artists do you listen to the most?

Ms. Dria: Drake & Treysongz

HHO: What are your plans for 2015? What are you doing that others are not?

Ms. Dria: I am finishing up my new album for a fall release titled LEGACY. And I also am launching my internet TV show on Universe Miami called Ms. Dria Show

HHO: How can your fans reach you?

Ms. Dria: Instagram/twitter @officially1dria & Facebook – website –

HHO: Any last words or shout outs?

Ms. Dria: Always follow your gut instinct! and shout to my fans


Still working on that hot first release.