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Born in Kenya,Msanibongo started singing at an early age when about 7 years old along side his brothers.In the absence of real instruments they improvised empty tins for a drum set, Coconut brooms for guitars, and all sort of gadgets to complete a live band.Msanibongo comes from a rich musical background.His grandfather was a Rabai from the Mijikenda tribes in the coast of Mombasa,and that was who he was named after. George Bongo Mwamuye.bongo means brains. Bongo also means a traditional African drum.His grandfather, Bongo was a re known musician with a few traditional songs to his name. Their family prides in running some of very successful bands in the history of Kenyan music, these include The Mushrooms (Now Uyoga), pressmen band, and Tutu band amongst others. Coming from a musical background, music to him is like food to my soul, sweet and expressive. Especially in the stages in life when his father walked away from them, it was the only bond that kept them as siblings closer to each other, it was the only way they could express the hurt, despair and betrayal they felt. Then, Music is what soothed them to sleep, it filled their empty stomach when there was no food to eat for days, He believe music is a gift to him from heaven.Apart from being a recording and performing artist, Msanibongo is also a Music producer.Asante is his first solo project: a testimony of God greatness and what the lord has done in his life,He previously recorded an album with his brother in a group called The Firm-ly, style is unique though and has blended a lot of other types of Music. It has a lot of Zouk, R&B, Lingala and some mild Hip hop fused with Afro Jazz.His songs are for every persons and nation ,to all who love to worship and prase the Lord,though it has a light bias to the youth. The full album has 7 songs.



Written By: Msanibongo

By Msanibongo/Album Asante

[Just kwa wema wako baba, Mi’ bado naishi
Jesus you are more than a friend: And I love you]

Eeh baba, eeh baba
Eeh baba, eeh baba [voices]

[Ko-rass] Asante x8

Maishani sijaona Mungu Kama wewe
Maishani sijaona Mungu Kama wewe
Jina lako litukuzwe, wewe ni, Alfa na Omega
Tunakusifu, tunakuimbia
[Ewe baba] Hakuna Mungu [baba]
Kama wewe eeh eh

[Ko-rass] Asante x8

Mara nyingi Napata shida sina pakuegemea
Marafariki kibao mbali [wao], wanasongea
Upweke, majuto naam nimepokea
Habari zangu nyingi pia wanaziongea

God you said you‘d never let me down
Every time I call your name
You knew my pain, and renewed my strength
And I just wanna say thank you

Rap: Maishani mwangu sijapata kama we
Ingawa wakati wa shida nina sema ni wewe
No matter what ever that just come my way
I’ll stick to you and I will never let you go x2

[Ko-rass] Asante x8

Japo shida mi’nateseka, lakini najua ywanipeendaa
Japo shida mi’nateseka, lakini najua ywanijaalii
Niwakati wa shida [shidaa],
Niwakati waraha [rahaa]
Namtegemea yeye [yeeyee],
Namtegemea yeye [yeiyee]

[Yeeyee] yeiyee][Yeeyee]
[Yeeyee]Yeiyee oooh oh oh

Hakuna Kama wewe [turari tura turera]
Hakuna Kama wewe [turari tura turera]
Hakuna Kama wewe [turari tura turera]
Hakuna Kama wewe [turari tura turera] [x 5] [Till fade

Viumbe vyote

Written By: Msanibongo

By Msanibongo/Album Asante

Jina lako litukuzwe
Mfalme wa milele eeh
Hakuna kama wewe
Duniani kama mbinguni
Ndo’ maana twakuabudu
Kwa wema na nguvu zako
Hakika wastahili
Bwana pokea sifaa

Eeh eeh, aah aah
Hosanna pokea sifa
Milele wastahili
Hosanna pokea sifa
Milele eh eh
Viumbe vyote [sifuni bwana]
Viumbe vyote [sifuni bwana]
Viumbe vyote [sifuni bwana]
Viumbe vyote [sifuni bwana]

Si wanyama wa porini
Simba na ukali wake
Nyangumi ndani ya maji
Atawala chini yako
Viumbe vya kuabudu
Kasuku na ndege wote
Mimi hapa mbele zako
Daima nitakusifu

Uuh uh, aah ah
Hosanna, hosssana
Hosanna halleluya
Hosanna pokea sifa
Milele eh eh

[Ko-rass] x2



viumbe vyote
Lord show me

Set List

Afro fusion:Gospel