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Written By: Carolyn Johnson-Benoit


As we see him walk by – ‘The American Soldier’–
With the Pride of an Eagle – And the Courage To Fight
He’s earned our Respect – For his Brave Sacrifice-
Steady onward to Victory _ To pay Freedom’s price.

Ever Brave, Proud and True -
Though His life’s decision is fighting for you – Don’t lose sight of the person – Behind the Salute -
He’s - Somebody’s ‘Loved One’ too.

When we see a Soldier – we think of his ‘Mission’ _
No thoughts of his family - Back home in the kitchen-
As they sit round’ the table – And his empty chair
While they Pray for his Safety _ And wish he were there-

{Chorus - repeat}

Yes- He’s somebody’s Husband –
Son, Father and Brother.
With a Sensitive Heart – And a Love for his Mother -
As the Home fires keep burning –
This old world keeps turning
And Our Soldiers keep fighting –
…Our Freedom to Win…
Ded To: Michael C. Guynes – USMC

Love Haten' My Ex

Written By: Ms Carolyn


Just another ticked off ‘Has Been’
Movin’ on now with my Life…
Never thought my Love could turn to Hate -Never thought I’d Leave my wife.

Never thought I couldn’t Trust Her…
Till she made a Fool’ of Me…
Sneakin’ out to find another Love
Leavin’ Me in Mi-ser-y …

Yeah– it’s true that I still DO Love Hate'n My ‘Ex -
NO- I can't tell my New Girlfriend –
(But - I sho’ do miss the Sex.- )
She was Hot and Oh so willing –
Always Up for somethin’ New
‘Bout the only thing she never tried
Was To Give a Love that’s True.

Yeah- She gets half of my paycheck –And you guys …know how that SUX…
Now she’s playin’ with her Brand New Toy -Buyin’ him a Pick-up Truck!

Yeah, I hear things work out for the best.And I guess that might be True…Cuz' If she never ran around on me -Then I wouldn’t be here singin’ this to you..

{Chorus: Repeat}


Written By: Ms Carolyn


What would you do if an Old ‘Memory’ rang your number today? Would the small talk seem ‘pointless’ – When there’s so much to say? Things that once seemed important – Now are best left ‘unsaid’….Bringing Life to Old Ghosts – That were better off dead?

Two lonely Souls bound together – Two Hearts connected by tears.
Each from lives spent in Sad-ness - Over too man-y years.
A Stranger’s Arms – A Friend To Listen – Emotions’ wakened inside…
Precious Moments Spent forgetting – All the tears we had cried.

Caught in A Heat Wave of Passion….Reaching Out in the Night…Sharing Sweet Revelations - Shameless Wrongs seemed so Right. Timeless Mysteries – Forgotten… Answers we’ll never know…All remaining are Memories – from a Love, Long Ago.

Two Fools wrapped up in the moment; Knowing ‘Great’ was the price …To play a game without Rules - Still blindly we rolled the dice…You ask; “In spite of the gamble, Would I have dared miss the game? E’er my Heart whispers, ‘Never’ - When I hear your name.

Precious memories still linger cross the pages within…
With Your Sweet inspiration… So much more than a Friend-
Lonely Souls once connected… Though Life has torn us apart..
And all the memories I’ll treasure – Ever Dear to my Heart.

Caught in A Heat Wave of Passion ….Reaching Out in the Night…
Sharing Sweet Revelations - Shameless Wrongs seemed so Right.Timeless Mysteries – Forgotten… Answers we’ll never know…All remaining are Memories – from a Love, Long Ago.