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My lyrics is Hypnotizing, mind blowing, the truth, inspirational, uplifting, you can feel it pumping through your very veins. One listen and you want more and more! Encouraging, I make music for my fans, mostly to inspire women! To Inspire The World as whole! I give stong powerful messages!


MS.CEO An Independent Rapper/Songwriter based in Atlanta, GA is available for booking in all types of venues. She discovered her love for hip-hop/Rap music at age 12. This talented and ambitous rapper describes her music as Delicate, The Truth, inspirational, uplifting, and hypnotizing! One listen and you're hooked! What set's her music apart from other bands, is when she create a hit song, it's for her fans, not her, and yet it comes from her heart! "She has created her own lane!" Says "The Record Breaker Champ Of Atlanta GA" DJ T-ROC of Rocharder Entertainment. Ms.CEO's hit single "Hard Work Pay Off" is due to be released in spring of this year she is currently touring and is available for booking, and can be reached at (904) 312-9135 or her myspace url you can read more about Ms.CEO by visiting


"Look Sadity Wit It" is currently streaming on ;

Set List

1." Look Sadity Wit It"
2. "Can I Have U"
3. "Hard Work Pay Off"
4. "Sadity Remix"
5. "I'ma Boss Lady"