Ms. Co Co Kiss

Ms. Co Co Kiss

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Entertainer Ms. CoCo Kiss is hitting the scene with a fresh vibe, a different sound and much to offer the world.

At 22 years of age and a mere five feet, this petite Chicago native is head of her very own company of promotional models known as the Durtty Gurlz (sister company to the Durtty Boyz of Hot107.9FM).

She has also launched her music career with her fun and in her words 'hip pop' (not hip hop) single titled "Onion Booty," a 'dance record' so to speak,which she performs at various club and party scenes in and around the Atlanta area.

She admires artists such as Fergie, Rihanna and Gwen Stefani, women whom she credits for making her the hard working, family oriented individual committed to making her music a career.

CoCo's interests include shopping, particularly for shoes and apparel that others would not wear as she considers herself a trendsetter onthe Atlanta scene.

She is currently looking forward to putting out a few more singles as well as an EP (extended play single) in the very near future.


"Onion Booty"

"What You Sayin ft.Roscao Dash"