michael shelton and the effect

michael shelton and the effect


Wings meets Nirvana. If Neil Young was in AC/DC. Imagine Evan Dando had a love child with Kurt Cobain and let The Beatles and The Rolling Stones raise it and Mama Cass feed it. Matthew Sweet fronts The Ramones.


Ever since hearing the siren call...
Michael Shelton has lept into action!
Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama..
Michael Shelton called on The Effect to
help fight crime and bring a new dawn to
the dark times of The Great Speaker Plague.

Forced into semi-retirement by the allure
of Big Cinema.. Michael Shelton is now
back with a vengeance, perched on the edge of the

With unforgettable vocals and insanely catchy
hooks..his songs command your attention
immediately. His garage rock guitar sound is
gleefully dirty as well. Influenced by a wide musical spectrum,
his songwriting style varies from Pop Rock to
Folk and Punk Rock to even the self-loathing
ballad. Coming from such bands as Happy Couple,
Toulouse Mood and High School Sweetheart, the Effect
has become the right choice of action for Michael Shelton.

Michael Shelton and The Effect pledges to rock.
and for those about to rock with them..they salute thee.


Along The Lines

Written By: Michael Shelton

Wake up...
I'm calling to you.
If anything it's all long the lines
of our adieu.
I'm just appalled and confused.
Sitting here trying to read between the lines of me and you....

Read between the lines of me and you.

It's not easy... to do it this way.
No.. it's not easy..to walk into flames.

So take up for dolls and the shrew.
Click your heels and wish that you were home with drunk cartoons.
I'm flush with all that is you.
Spinning wheel let's you cheat along the lines and be amused.

Cheat along the lines and be amused.

It's not easy...to do it this way.
No.. it's not easy..to walk into flames.


Repeat verse 1

Sitting here trying to read between the lines of me and you...

Read between the lines of me and you. (2x)


In Tandem

Written By: Michael Shelton

Calling out..I'm calling out all my affairs.
Calling out..I'm calling, calling everywhere.
Calling Out..Calling Out!
I'm beyond despair.
Calling out, I'm falling down I need all repairs.

Say it's not true!
Say it together!


EP "Our Adieu" 2007

EP "In Tandem" 2007

"Along The Lines" acoustic on Area 67 Entertainment Podcast Show #8

Set List

Typical set list is 98% original music. Covers vary depending on mood.


1. Listed
2. What I was Thinking
3. Deja Vu
4. Assume
5. Shaggy- Walon Smith cover
6. On The Hook
7. Insult to Injury
8. Leaves
9. Along The Lines
10. sevitan slessev
11. All Around
12. Can't Always Get What You Want- Rolling Stones cover
13. Sobriety Wins
14. In Tandem
15. Since I've been tryin' to get to you (cover)
16. I Hate Everybody

more songs TBA