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MSEIZE...that's who they are and what they do: emcees who seize the mic and dominate the show! MSEIZE represent true school Hip Hop with a sophisticated sound and dynamic stage performance filled with head-nodding tracks and real lyrical content.


Rock Most and Supreme Wordz are the powerful emcees of the mega group known as MSEIZE. Having adopted the moniker, �feel-good physicians�, MSEIZE is healing mainstream Hip Hop with a healthy dose of quality music. Their current project, �The Intervention�, fuses underground Hip Hop standards with mainstream urban appeal. Backed by live cuts and scratches from turntablist DJ Fudge, MSEIZE commands the stage with a high-energy, interactive experience, mesmerizing crowds with head-nodding beats, conscious lyrics, and signature hooks. With its members hailing from the Midwest and East Coast, and now transplanted to Atlanta, the signature MSEIZE sound is embraced by true lovers of music, attracting audiences from the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, OutKast, and The Roots.

MSEIZE built a notable following promoting their previous release, �The Outer Party Experience (OPX), and touring with the House of Hip Hop Concert Series. In addition to numerous album and live performance reviews, MSEIZE has graced the cover of Performer Magazine and was featured on MySpace Music, gaining recognition and fans worldwide.

The chemistry between Rock Most, Supreme Wordz, and DJ Fudge is unparalleled. MSEIZE preserve the integrity of �true school� Hip Hop with a sophisticated sound that separates them from the masses. They seize the moment, seize the mind and seize you with the music � proving that there are many emcees, but only one MSEIZE.

12" single 'Alright" b/w 'Easy' & 'Ringtone' available now in Vinyl, CD & MP3 formats. contact


2007 - LP 'The Intervention'
2006 - 12" single 'Alright' b/w 'Easy' & 'Ringtone'
2004 - LP 'OPX - The Outer Party Experience'
2000 - LP 'Like Thieves in the Night'

Set List

MSEIZE usually performs several songs in a medley form. The set(s) will range from 30-60 minutes. With DJ Fudge Spinning between and after set(s).

The songs in the set may consist of (but are not limited to) songs from the upcoming "the interventioin" as well as songs from previous release "The Outer Party Experience" as well as impromptu freestyles.