Ms EJ Aviance

Ms EJ Aviance


Ms EJ Aviance is NOT a Drag Queen. That label is too limiting. Performance Artist best describes the awesome presence that she IS.TRUST...Ms EJ will bring the party and keep it hyped.


The personification and epitome of drag avant-garde, up-and-comer Ms EJ Aviance will be the first to admit, “Ohh trust, they ARE NOT ready for me!!”, as she takes a casual peruse of the awesome costume she’s about to don. Whether walking the runway, hyping the crowd, shaking a tail feather or spitting hot vocals over sick beats, Ms EJ’s style and persona are too, too, other-side-of-extreme-fabulosity. All one can do upon encountering her uniqueness-to-infinity, is strap on their seatbelts and go along for the ride, honey. And what a wild ride it has been, indeed. Whew! Two decades performing and dazzling throughout North America and all who cross her path, Ms. EJ Aviance has managed to leave an indelible imprint on the drag/dance/house/party scene of D.C., Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, Los Angeles and Canada since 1991. So let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see how Ms EJ Aviance earned her claim to fame.

-Hosted a weekly show @ the Metro every Thursday for 2 years with DJ Biff.
-Performed with the Legendary Mr. Charlie Brown and cast @ Backstreet Atlanta for several years.
-Performed "covers" of Rock & Roll classics with Pat Briggs (aka "Torment" of Psychotica) and his band at The Chamber (currently Jungle) and Club Makeup in Los Angeles for 2 years.
-Featured in Creative Loafing cover story, March 2002, “Boys Will Be Girls,” along with Nicole Paige Brooks.
-Worked with legendary DJ talents: Internationally renowned Danny Tenaglia, Junior Vasquez and Mark Anthony; nationally recognized Bill Berdeaux, DJ Coqui Villalobos, Martin Fry and Power Infiniti.
-Performed live @ 5 Napkins for Bill Kaelin Marketing and Promotions on New Year’s Day 2012 and April 11, 2012
-Opening performer for Mark Baker’s Wonder World in Orlando @ the Liquid Pool Party Event May 31-June 4, 2012
-Performs @ Blake’s on The Park on Thursdays with Shawnna Brooks for the "Shawnna Factor Show" and with Charlie Brown on Fridays for "Charlie’s Angels.”
-Performing LIVE with Power Infiniti and Motion @ Jungle 8/25/2012
-Recorded soon to be re-released album titled "I AM ART" with DJ Jorge "Coqui" Villalobos (13 tracks)


-Recorded soon to be re-released album titled "I AM ART" with DJ Jorge "Coqui" Villalobos (13 tracks)(all vocals by EJ Aviance)
1 It's Ovah
2 She's That
3 R.I.F.
4 Bump
5 I Am Art
6 Knock Off
7 Trust
8 Gagging
9 This is Art
10 Oye Maricon
11 Throwback
12 R.I.F. Dub
13 Oye Maricon Dub