Aris Sparks & KRivers
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Aris Sparks & KRivers

Wilmington, Delaware, United States | SELF

Wilmington, Delaware, United States | SELF
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"Aris Sparks ft. K. Rivers & Shep - Mile High Club [Videos]"

New Video - Curry

"Aris Sparks - Take It Back"

Delaware rapper Aris Sparks believes in lyricism, and it shows in his songs. The old school feel of his beats and flow showcase this talent well. I haven’t been able to find out much about him on the web, but this sounds like it’s off an upcoming project of his called The Prodigal Son. - In Audio We Trust

"Mixtape Aris Sparks: Prelude To An Exit"

Check out Aris Sparks ‘Prelude To An Exit’ mixtape. He’s an excellent rapper who has a similar sound to that of Jay-Z and Lupe Fiasco. Sound promising? Check it out and follow him on twitter @ArisSparks

‘Lifestyles’ is one to look out for, an excellent track which combines a great beat with even better lyrics and contemplates the concept of stereotypes and choosing to follow a particular lifestyle rather than being yourself. - Inside My Mind

"Aris Sparks - T.R.O.Y."

Man. Words can't explain how I feel about this tribute right here. The dude Aris gets MAJOR points from me with this. Please take a listen. R.I.P. Troy Davis. - The Young Crafter's Guide

"Artist Spotlight: Aris Sparks"

Wassup my Young and Crafty boys and gals. We have another Artist Spotlight for you. This guy goes by the name of Aris Sparks coming out of Wilmington, DE. This dude hit me a little while ago about his music. Told me to peep. I really liked what I was hearing so I hit him back and told him his music is dope. Then recently he hit me asking to be on the blog, and I have no idea why I haven't put him on here yet cause he's pretty ill. His mixtape Prelude to an Exit (Hosted by them dudes over at one of my favorite blogs Mostly Junk Food) is a pretty decent mixtape. The lyrics are on point and he has the skills. But enough of me talking about it, see for yourself. I present to y'all: Aris Sparks. Enjoy. - The Young Crafter's Guide

"Aris Sparks: Prelude To An Exit Mixtape"

Découvert grâce au The Jealous Guys Thanks. Aris Sparks est un rapper (de Wilmington, Caroline du Nord) qui vient de sortir sa mixtape “Prelude Ton An Exit” 14 titres solo sur lesquels on se rend vite compte de la qualité du m’c derrière le mic (qui nous fait penser à un Talib, Mos Def ou Common) le tout accompagné de bonnes prods. Cette artiste est une belle découverte alors allez y cliquez!!! - Jonxion Connection

"Unsigned Sundays: Aris Sparks - T.R.O.Y."

We all are aware of the travesty that happened with Troy Davis last week and that same bizarre event inspired this very song by Aris Sparks. He kicks some serious knowledge,enjoy and spread the song that carries a message your ears need to hear. - The TapeDeck

"Aris Sparks - Runnin' Man"

Aris goes over some Dilla. Whatchu think?

You can hit up Aris over on his Tumblr page. - Turntable Tendencies

"Aris Sparks"

What inspired you to make this song?

This song was inspired actually by listening to the Pharcyde song it was sampled from. When I thought about my life and all the things I am actually running from, the thing that stuck out was the fact that I am running from becoming commercial. I want to stay true to my craft and true to being an Emcee, which nowadays is sorta unheard of amongst the mainstream artists. Running Man basically puts my point of view of the artists out and the life that is lived after signing a deal. Signing a deal is not as important as it was back in the day without the internet. You sign a deal and you possibly could be giving up a lot of you creativity for it as well as your family and friends. So I just wanted to voice my opinion accompanied by an ill vibe produced by J Dilla to get people to listen.

Thanks for taking the time to listen, - MusicRelease.TV

"Aris Sparks"

Music speaks what cannot be expressed. This quote is very true for Aris, a lyricist out of Wilmington, DE. Music has been instrumental in his maturation and growth in life. His appreciation for real music is present when you listen to any track he has put out. Aris has been compared to many emcees in the game such as Common, Talib Kweli, and Mos Def to name aa few. A great musician, DJ Shaun Klassic from Wilmington, DE, has been quoted as saying "The music Aris makes is Real Hip-Hop".

Aris has released several tracks from a recent project called "The UnGrind", the story of the unsigned grind, which is still in the works and has been scheduled to release in the Fall of 2011. The newest project which is slated for the Winter/Spring of 2011 is called "The Prodigal Son" which is entirely produced by the Collignon brothers Jonathan and Julien Collignon from Queen's NY. Aris has released three highly coveted tracks from the project, "Celebration", "The Prodigal Son", and "Charge It to the Game", which may or may not be actually apart of the release. This particular release will be pivotal in the future of Hip-Hop.

Aris has performed at several venues in NYC such as the Canal Room, and also in Wilmington, DE at the French Quarters. Aris has been quoted as saying "I love performing in NYC because this is where the birth of Hip-Hop took place, and everyone here seems to receive real music so much better." Aris is also apart of a music group called Wolf Pacific or Wolf Music, which is based out of Houston, TX. The group has other artists based out of TX, NV, and CA. The founder of the music group, Roberto Vega, is the promotional genius and does all the graphic and design work for Aris and the whole team.

Music is not just noise, but a way of life for Aris. The upcoming "Prodigal Son" project is apart of a bigger move for Aris in taking Hip-Hop back to real lyricism and content. You can catch Aris at local open mics and shows throughout the Tri-State area. An important figure from Def Jam Island said that "Aris is apart of the New Age of Hip-Hop" - JLO Promoter

"Aris Sparks - Celebration"

I had never heard of Aris Sparks until he sent over some jams a couple of days ago. And I'm glad he did...

Enjoy the flow, we got more Aris in a minute - Zilla Says

"Aris Sparks - Celebration"

Track from the Prodigal Son album. R.I.Y.L…. Lupe Fiasco, maybe? - Different Kitchen

"Aris Sparks - T.R.O.Y."

New Aris Sparks. Man….Just listen to it. The flow & lyrics are crazy. This is from the forthcoming Life As I Know It presented by Rob Wolf laced the art.

Let me know what you think of the track!! RIP Troy Davis… - Mostly JunkFood

"Aris Sparks - Runnin' Man"

You probably recall we featured Delaware standout Aris Sparks‘ Prelude to an Exit project. This month Aris is recording one track in the morning and one track at night for 30 days!!! Yeah you’ve seen people like Freeway do that, but I expect Aris to go from virtually unknown local celebrity (and the strength of an MJF co-sign) to buzzworthy emcee by the end of these 30 days. Check out two more new cuts from 30 Days & 30 Nights below. Listen close for another MJF shoutout and some liquid linguistics from Wolf Pacific member Young Uno on ‘Body Bag.’ - Mostly JunkFood

"Aris Sparks - Take It Back"

Aris sent this over earlier this week. He’s a cat from Wilmington, Delaware trying to bring back real lyricism to hip hop. “Take It Back” sounds like it’s an ancient archetype from the golden age. The beat, produced by Passion Hi-Fi, reminds me of DJ Premier’s production on Pitch Black’s “It’s All Real” and Aris does it justice. Shout to the whole Wolf Pacific and everybody who listens to more than Wiz Khalifa & Big Sean.

We’re hosting his upcoming project Prelude To An Exit! He didn’t ask us we asked him! Really excited to be involved. Look back for that soon. - Mostly JunkFood

"Aris Sparks: Prelude To An Exit"

We introduced you to Delaware spitter Aris Sparks last month with the video for “Take It Back.” Today we’re proud to present Prelude To An Exit. It’s all real. Enough talking download this and listen closely to every word. Real lyricism is back. Oh and shout to Rob for that crazy artwork! - Mostly JunkFood

"Aris Sparks: Prelude To An Exit (Mixtape)"

Mostly Junk Food presents the homie Aris Sparks latest offering Prelude To An Exit. After dropping a dope video more than a month ago he continues to keep things rolling, certainly worth a listen. - Garden State Hip-Hop

"Aris Sparks – Celebration"

Who knew Deleware had a rap game? Check this dude Aris Sparks out, celebrating Hip Hop.

The joint he sent us is named Celebration, not a bad track at all imo. Let us know what y’all think by rating it and check his site out for more info.

“Just shout out to all the unsigned artist out here doing what they need to do.” – Aris - Turntable Tendencies


Aris Sparks is an upcoming emcee from Wilmington, DE that definitely is trying to show the world what true lyricism really is. Aris is also apart of a music group called Wolf Pacific or Wolf Music, which is based out of Houston, TX. [several other members are also from NV, TX, and CA] We dig the vibe of his music, and the fact that he’s trying to bring true lyricism back! For more on Aris, make sure you keep in tune with us! - The Raw Republic


The Freedom Of Speech Project - 2010
The Prodigal Son EP - 2010
Prelude To An Exit (Mixtape) - 2011
95 Live (Mixtape) - 2012
Misguided Dreamers: Under The Influence - TBA



Aris Sparks and KRivers are an American Hip Hop duo from Delaware. The bond formed in the early fall of 2011 when the artists began working on a collaboration that started as just one song, but has grown into a collective and development of a music catalog of songs with each other. Aris Sparks and KRivers are apart of the Union Music Group formed by Lamar Smith and KRivers in 2009, with the addition of Wolf Pacific member, Aris Sparks in 2011, and a few other artists, UMG has begun to create a following and some pretty dope music has been dropped. Collaborating with clothing connoisseurs Shane and Gene from MSGDUTI (Misguided Dreamers Under The Influence), the artists are working on a new project heavily involving the theme of being a quote on quote Misguided Dreamer Under The Influence (TBA).