Ms Gina Marie & Sing For Hunger Music Tour

Ms Gina Marie & Sing For Hunger Music Tour


Looking Down Younder- Jersey Style with southern redneck country. Mixed Genre's, ALL ORIGINAL,Nothing cover about this " Jersey Girl Gone Country Wild/ Unique and in a style of her own. Write and co-writes her material.Her tour " Sing For Hunger Music Tour' She does what she loves and helps others!


From the city streets of jersey now living in the farm country small town life. She sticks to who she is and has become.knowning the best of both worlds. cowgirl boots and city street smarts. Starting writing at age 8, by the time she was 16 she was already known across the world for her lyric writing.She turned down contract offers left and right,I just at that time lived in a children's center and countless foster homes, Life lessons i guess still had to be taught and given. Despite disabilities and setbacks she never gave up. Her city friends and people close to her said to her when she told them one day " I'm going to Nashville, and one day watch and see im going to write for Tim Mcgraw" She thinks big and does all the little things in-between, Close she has gotten so far, I got to co-write with the publisher of Tim Mcgraw's Don't Take The Girl". One of the writers of " My Love" and also the writer of " Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox". Having 3 album cuts alone this year. She is about to pitch 5 more. I have also sang with pershin wells son chris wells. and a few others. Done studio work with doug mitchell for AI Nashville's art instatute.Let it be known and never hide i can't spell, I have my high school diaplohma, my GED, and i am now attending college. Im looking for a disturbution deal and publishing deal.


Oh, I Needed This

Written By: Gina Marie Gordon, Levi Colby and Weston James

coming soon!

Recovery Room ( Needs Music)

Written By: Gina Marie Gordon,

I'm laying alone in this recovery room, doctor said it's my heart, people have left flowers and gifts and cards that say get well soon ....


But im not feeling to well.. and my paulse rate is up. i can barey tell. where i am right now and the test results are singing a different tune. I'm in the recovery room


im laying still there doing x-rays doctors said don't move we have a short while to get our sights on whats wrong with you..


but i'm not feeling to well and my paulse rate is down. i can barey tell if this is heaven or hell now and test results are singing a different tune they said get him out of the recovery room


we're trying to save. i heard them faintly through your tears id swear id seen god we had talk he said its not your time he said as he continued on with his walk

ending chorus

i'm not feeling to well and your puasle rate will be fine i can barely take you into my home right now. i made your test results sing a different tune opened my eyes gifts and people all around. god said i'd be better soon go back to your recovery room 1 week later i'm out of that recovery room

fade end tag

Best For Me

Written By: Gina Marie Gordon,

Best For Me (c) Gina Marie Gordon

I can't stay around I'm sorry but i have to go. Choice has been made. we've discussed this and so....


I've got to think What's best for me. I hope one day you'll understand come to terms with this and see. people have decisions to make and there are some people that aren't going to agree. but for right now I gotta do what's best for me


I can't stay in town I'm sorry but i have to pack.Make sure i've gotten everything, no use talking not turning back


v3 and bridge

I can't stay straight and you can't handle me when im headin in that direction and going down that way.. Brdige Part-->

You say you have to go too, gotta do what your gonna, wanna have to do so you say i hope you change and before you leave you say


ending verse

Finally we both agree for the sake of both of our sanitys, you look at me and then you say your glad i'm going into recovery and doing whats best for me

yea i agree this is whats best for me ....fade...end... tag

Save My Baby

Written By: Gina Marie Gordon, Eric Zanetis. Kenny Lee , Rick Blaylock

coming soon, this had been writen and rewriten 20 times,.

Just Find You

Written By: Gina Marie Gordon, Mike Cerello

Will post soon


Ms Gina Marie Gordon is the Founder/CEO of Sing For Hunger Music Tour and Kids Sing For Hunger Awareness Tour. Also an established songwriter. She has co-written with Eric Zanetis ( Publisher Of " Don't Take The Girl", Is a featured writer on " The Heart Of Country Music Album for " Save My Baby" which also features songs by both writers of " Don't Take The Girl". She has also co-write with Johnny Mscrea's son " Mark Mccrea" Dr Bobby. Rick Baylock, Kenny Lee, Rick Keen and many others.

She has an upcoming show on New Years Eve with Country Artist " Doug Stone" and Established Artist Kenny Lee. She has performed live on stage with " Chris Wells ( Pershing Wells son), Her total fanbase is over 240,000 both on and offline.