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The Machine

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | SELF

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Spoken Word


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Passing The Bar"

"We talked about the car stereo mastering, we talked about the cracked software and we talked about the fact that this one guy has no other choice but to currently wear every hat in the music industry’s hat department. The question is, what did it all ad up to? Well, James Shahan (soon to be better known as The Machine) is finally ready to show us. Passing The Bar, hosted by Next 1000 alumni Sirah, is a[n otherwise] feature-free microphone shred-fest. Though a little over a week later than promised (we blame usershare), if we know anything about the URB scribe, it’s that the wait has been well worth it. Best thing about it? When he’s not “going hard” he is branching out. When is the last time you heard an MC have his way with a Siouxsie and The Banshees’ song? We thought so. If you wanna keep up with him, because you will, there’s always twitter and his blog too. So download it below and thank us later…well, unless of course you hate your ears." - The Machine and

"Passing The Bar (Making of Trailer)"

"We love The Machine, partially because he was a great URB intern a few years ago. But more so because watching this clip of his suburban rap hustle demonstrates what we know a whole lot of MCs go through. No budget, one mic, hacked software, checking mixes on the car stereo… And we wouldn’t waste your time with any of this if the final product wasn’t something we’d listen to more than once. Passing The Bar drops June 4. Not because any record label says so, just because that’s what The Machine decided."

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2008 - ...Is Awake (EP)
2009 - Fuck Swag ("Mixtape")
2009 - Five Days (Demo)
2010 - Passing The Bar ("Mixtape")



Every once in a while, an artist will emerge who, through committed to certain musical facets, has the ability to transcend their craft and their audience. Armed with a true love of music, chill-inducing stage presence and blisteringly raw lyrics, The Machine is definitely an individual with this ability. Beginning his journey as a hip-hop artist nearly ten years ago, the work that this 22 year old Californian MC has put in has definitely paid off. URB Magazine not only recognized him as a Next 1000 artist, but has featured his mixtapes on their site as well. His latest effort, "Passing The Bar," is a thematic, carnivorous project that is both traditional hip-hop and experimental. On it, The Machine is found rapping over everything from Jay-Z's "Ignorant Shit" to Siouxsie and The Banshee's "Overground" and a ton of original tracks that fall somewhere in between.

Seventeen tracks deep (including an intro, a skit and dialogue sprinkled throughout), The Machine chocks every bar full of grimy hunger. While most artists, young and old alike, have become comfortable with where they are in their careers, this man is starving and it makes for one hell of a listen. Recording, mixing, mastering and releasing the project himself, garnering himself over 3000 listens in a few months is no small feat either.

"10 Rap Commandments," featuring a savage flow over a classic Primo beat is not only a standout track, but really should be used as a manual for those attempting to enter the game today. And on "Italy," featuring a Priceless beat that feels a bit like it was born out of a mafioso cathedral, it is clear that he is taking no prisoners and doesn't care who's feelings get hurt in the process. Gaining a thumbs up from an ABB Records staff member at such a young age isn't a horrible thing either. If this doesn't speak volumes about how The Machine will make a change through music, then you just might need to listen a little harder.