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The Struggle Within
Change up
As I Walk



Michael Simpson, also known as “MSimp”,is a young new talent representing the gospel of Jesus Christ
through the art form of rap. Born 1983 in Lubbock, TX, the young artist developed a love for music
in the local church. Being an oly child with a very supportive single mother, he was allowed to
express various emotions through beating pots and pans and eventually a Kawai keyboard. After moving
to Abilene (Lean Town), TX, before his freshman year in high school, the kid entertained crowds in the
lunch room by holding daily freestyle sessions meanwhile keeping the beat. It would be soon after his
first semester in high school that MSimp was introduced to a video game that would soon alter
the way he viewed music. Sony Playstation’s Music Generator was the avenue for the young man to “lie down”
what he didn’t know at the time to be God given music. Soon after realizing that he had a gifting in music from
God Almighty, it happened. The young man, always believing in God and calling himself a Christian, was filled
with the Holy Spirit at the age of 16. Now being led by the helper, MSimp had a vision of his purpose and
mission on earth; to open the eyes of the young and old to the reality of life which is Heaven or Hell, through
a prophetic message in music. Since graduating in high school, God has allowed the boy to receive a
substantial amount of money through Texas grants while attending college. With the extra funds, MSimp
decided to go professional with the sound that God has given him by purchasing industry standard keyboards,
microphones, processors, software and computers. While messing around and wandering in the dark with no
direction, MSimp and a few friends put out mix tapes that didn’t represent whay they stood for. In quietness
and frustration as it related to music and his relationship with God. God got a hold on him and made him
realize that he was the reason for all of it. During a period of separtaion from old friends and former things,
MSimp met the fellas who would soon help take the message world wide. Together MSimp and a few of his
closet friends formed B-Ready Ministries. A ministry that dedicates its self to spreading the gospel through
various art forms of music, meanwhile enlightening the world on sensitive issues such as the truth about
hip-hop. In May of 2005, with the help of the B-Ready team, MSimp put out his debut project
“The Return of the King”. The artist touches on everything from keeping it real, to the truth about hip-hop,
to the reality of the soon coming of King Jesus. Claiming to be a Christian rap artist, not a hip-hop artist,
MSimp hopes that the world will not only feel the music and the beats, but really grasp the message of Jesus
Christ and examine every one of their hearts.