Ms. Maura

Ms. Maura

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Sultry-Lady Music for Moody Grooving


Ms. Maura is making Sultry-Lady Music for Moody Grooving in Northeast Los Angeles. Inspired by such varied artists as Portishead, Fiona Apple and Peggy Lee, Ms. Maura recently released her first solo EP, Reversible Lobotomy – now available on iTunes (and other online music sites).

Over the past six years, Maura has performed and recorded with a number of LA-based bands including Grayson Wray Project and Vibrasol, rocking venues like The Derby and The Mint. In her pursuit to push forward as a solo singer and songwriter, Maura began collaborating with her husband, Producer/Engineer Nicolas Fournier (who’s worked on many top albums by artists such as Sarah Bareilles, Linkin Park and Fall Out Boy). Their combined musical interests and independent ethos resulted in the 5-song EP, Reversible Lobotomy, and the creation of their independent label, Avenue 65 Records.

Family has always been a fundamental force in Maura’s music. She started grooving at three years old when she wrote, sang and recorded her original songs (including “You Never Know Where You’re Going”) with her dad’s band, Riffmaster & the Rockme Foundation. By first grade, she’d rocked her tunes at venues all over the Windy City, including the big summer festival Taste of Chicago. Today she periodically records and jams in her dad’s garage with her two teenage sisters as Big Papa and the Sistas.

With Reversible Lobotomy under her belt, Ms. Maura is now assembling a band to gig around Los Angeles in the coming months. Still grooving moodily, the live performances will also feature the raw energy Maura’s fans from previous projects have come to expect.


You + Me = Not to Be

Written By: Maura Murphy-Barrosse

One day, we were walking through the hall
Our eyes met, no one watching but the walls
And we knew right then with that passing glance
Saw our childrens' eyes and we walked right past 'cause
You and me, we were never meant to be

One day, we were sitting by the Nile
Embracing, so engaged but all the while
We were thinking thoughts of a lifetime past
If the memory's gone will the passion last 'cause
You and me, we were never meant to be

Yeah you and me we can try but soon we'll see, by the by
That you and me were never meant to be
Yeah you and me we can try but soon we'll see, by the by
That you and me were never meant to be

Oh, we were never meant to be
Oh, we were never meant to be

Peace for a Place

Written By: Maura Murphy-Barrosse

Well I would greatly enjoy the ability
To temporarily sew up my lips
Many hours lamenting their activity
To reminisce without chills would be bliss

Yet here I sit dreading the day ahead
The repercussions of what has been said
But the truth is they weren’t even listening
And the tragedy’s all in my head

Well I sure wouldn’t mind the invention of
A reversible lobotomy
Every now and then click I can turn it off
And the worry would finally cease

But unfortunately things don’t work that way
Fairly certain they all know I’m lame
But the truth is they didn’t give it much thought
Hell they barely remember my name

Well isn’t that often the case
Wasting time just to save face
While in the shuffle of the day-to-day race
We sacrifice our peace for a place

Fuzzy Brain, Heavy Body

Written By: Maura Murphy-Barrosse

There’s a thought in my head that my hands can’t keep up with
And a song trying to sound but my mouth’s got caught up
While the world’s spinning ‘round and my dream is to share
Kinda lost what I found but I know that it’s there

Though I wonder if I will ever find
It’s still stored somewhere deeply in my mind
And although it’s strange to say
We’ll meet up one day
But to wait ‘til then, that sure is something lame

Tightly lying there
The eyes can move
Assessing surrounding conditions
In the stagnant air
Set in the groove
Ambivalence making decisions

And the actions that are needed
Dance clearly in the light
But now gravity’s succeeded
And to fight one only might


Reversible Lobotomy (EP), November 2010

Set List

Ms. Maura Live Project will be ready for gigs Summer 2011.