Ms. PeKuliar

Ms. PeKuliar

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I am peculiar because of my style and approach to certain topics. I bring the Truth out and express my love and devotion to God. I am a people's person, so I always get the crowd involved. Most of all, I leave the fans feeling satisfied.


Every since I was a little girl, I had a love for music. I was brought up in church and I song in the youth choir. I knew I had a calling on my life by the age of 12, but I didn't know what it was. However, I kept being a child and of course like many others, I backslid often. I always wanted to freestyle with my brother and my cousin. Nonetheless, I used to try to write some tight lyrics that were worldly, and they were all trash. LOL. Now I realize that I couldn't come up with some nice rhymes back then because that was not what God had called me to do. Now that I rap Christian rap, it is as if the lyrics come to me so much easier. That's because my lyrics are inspired by Jesus Christ. I remember playin the piano, making little simple tunes. By the time I was in middle school, I would find myself sitting in class, beating on the desktops with pens, pencils, or my hands. Still, I didn't know how much I loved music until I got to high school and had a piano class. That's when I realized I had an extraordinary talent of making music. I soon got acquainted with a few people who introduced me to the game. I made my first beat officially when I was a junior in high school. Still I wasn't sure if this was something I wanted to pursue. Now I find myself thinking up new songs just about every day. Because of God, I now realize, that making music is not my talent, but more so a gift that I have been blessed with. Now I want to give back to Christ as I continue to make songs and minister to people through music.


My Body Is a Temple

Set List

My sets are about 15 minutes.
I usually perform "My Body Is a Temple," "The Rock," and "Trippin,"