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The best kept secret in music


"NY Times"

"her playing was streamlined and lyrical." - FM Groove

"Marshall Islands Journal"

Eleven years ago, Andrea Lindborg enjoyed fame as the best swimmer at the Micronesian Games in Guam, winning too many medals to count and the 'Outstanding Woman Athlete of the Games' award.
Today, with her first music CD out, she's looking to make her way in the international jazz music world of New York City.
Lindborg, daughter of Cris and Eric Lindborg of Kwajalein, grew up on Kwajalein from the age of three, then moved on to Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music, and since the early 2000s has been making her way in the American music industry. She's toured with bands in the US and Europe, and just recently released a CD.
Though New York is a long way from home, her new album shows her Marshall Islands roots, from a photo of a woven Marshallese belt she's wearing to the title, 'Boro Song'-which translates as Song from the Heart (Marshallese say from the 'throat'). "I appreciate the idea of the throat being the emotional center and it makes sense," she said. "When I am sad my throat tightens, and when I sing with emotion, the sound comes from my throat."
Lindborg uses the name 'Solade", a blend of 'sol' (sun) and musical notes 'sol-la-de'. It reflects her upbeat style of jazz. This album is enjoyable- the range of her voice, for example, is surprisingly pleasing; the sometimes haunting melody of her trumpet; percussion that uses island rhythms.
She's a trumpeter that the New York Times said "has the goods." But she's much more than a trumpeter as her vocals on the 12 tracks demonstrate.
The CD can be ordered directly at or via It's $15 plus shipping. - FM Groove Inc.

"El Nuevo Diario-Nicaragua"

En el concierto de Lya, la intérprete peruana Karla Kajerby cantará dos temas musicales: “Inevitable”, canción de su álbum del mismo nombre y realizará un dúo con Lya Barrioz con la canción “Yolanda”.

Posteriormente se presentará Solade, quien interpretará tres temas con el acompañamiento de Staccato.

El estilo de Solade es único y su música abre el camino hacia algo nuevo. Inspiraciones de la realidad se mezclan con composiciones originales, interpretadas como una variedad de ritmos como reggae y jazz con influencia brasileña.

Mitad argentina, mitad norteamericana, Solade nació en Panamá y creció en las islas Marshall. Al concluir sus estudios de música en el Conservatorio de Oberlin, la artista se fue de gira a Europa, donde acompañó al Jazz Combo del MS Rotterdam, antes de mudarse a Nueva York a finales del 2001.

Su primera presentación en la metrópolis norteamericana fue en el Jazz Lincoln Center, donde participó en un homenaje a Freddie Hubbard y Lee Morgan. Además ha participado en giras internacionales de reconocidas agrupaciones de jazz, tales como “DIVA”, una banda de jazz moderno, “Kit mc clure’s female all stars”, así como la sensación mundial “Femme Nameless”. - FM Groove Inc.


Solade "Boro Song"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Her style is her own. A unique mix of Miles Davis in attitude, Sade in sincerity, Bob Marley in skank and Billie Holiday in blue, SOLADE and her music promise to open you to something new... Inspirations of reality blend into original compositions written in collaboration with Cameroonian producer/musician Francis Mbappe. Her unique voice combining a blend of reggae and jazz with Brazilian overtones is illuminated by the production skills of Mbappe on her debut album entitled "Boro Song."
Half Argentinean, half American, born in Panama and raised in the Marshall Islands, former Micronesian swimming champion SOLADÉ earned her Bachelor of Arts in jazz trumpet performance at Oberlin Conservatory. She proceeded to tour the Mediterranean with the jazz combo of the MS Rotterdam before moving to New York City in the winter of 2001.

Since her arrival in New York City Andrea Lindborg has persevered to find her sound and fulfill her destiny and transfiguration as SOLADÉ. Like many aspiring musicians that migrate to the city with big dreams, she found herself struggling to make ends meet and honed her 'island big city sound' in the subway transit system.
SOLADÉ landed her first New York gig as a featured trumpeter at Jazz Lincoln Center's "Night of the Cookers". The evening's program was a tribute to Freddie Hubbard and Lee Morgan. She has toured internationally with the world-renowned all female ensembles: modern jazz band "DIVA", "Kit McClure's Female All Stars", and world music sensation "Femm Nameless," toured and recorded with afro beat orchestra "KOKOLO", and has played NYC's gamut of venues including Birdland, SOB's, Zinc Bar, Sweet Rhythm with numerous jazz, funk, world music and Afro Beat bands.